Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is It Possible We Crossed Paths in Alaska?

Sunday, August 10, we were in Juneau, Alaska -- walking around the town, eating in the Red Dog Saloon, and participating in an exciting whale watch. Getting to the bay where we boarded the boat, we passed the new Wal*Mart which our hostess was so proud to point out. This bus ride was about 5 miles away from the city center. Is it possible we crossed paths with Sarah Palin, the newly announced vice presidential candidate, by presidential candidate John McCain that day? Could be.

Or, is it possible we walked past Sarah and her husband while we were docked in Skagway on Monday, August 11? After all, her parents moved to Skagway in 1964 to teach school. Perhaps they still live there. Who knows?

It's fun to wonder. . .

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