Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hello from Seattle

Today we had a pleasant flight to Seattle, flying Sun Country. Leaving from HHH is so efficient - you should try it. 30 minutes into our flight we were offered beverages. A few minutes after that they handed out hot turkey sandwiches - delicious! I sat next to a very nice couple from Portland. The woman's name was Donna. She patiently taught me how to play Sudoku - at least the "easy" level game. When we were landing, she tore out three pages for me to continue playing. How nice is that?

It has been wonderful being with Heidi and Chad - and Brian - again. I hadn't seen them since last Christmas. Heidi looks very cute. She's six months pregnant.

Tonight we walked 2 miles down the hill toward Puget Sound to have dinner in a restaurant there. Chad drove down separately and so we had a ride back up the hill. It's so pretty in Seattle. Many people have beautiful flowers and shrubs in their yards.

It's been fun hearing from everyone as they have arrived in Seattle today. We're all here - and tomorrow's the day!

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