Sunday, August 17, 2008


After a wonderful vacation with family and friends, seeing gorgeous sights, traveling to the 49th state and back, I am home and thinking about going to bed very soon. I formed many new memories, took a couple hundred pictures, bought a few treasures, ate too much food (desserts), had quality time with two of my kids and their families, plus time with other members of my family and my dear friends, wept with Sandy over the death of her precious aunt -- my dear, little friend, Cassie -- witnessed my darling granddaughter, Aurelia, pop a new tooth and have a pre-birthday party, celebrated the upcoming birth of Heidi and Chad's little one, and had a couple of walks with my grand-dog, Brian. I'm nursing a mild case of pneumonia which started with a sore throat a week ago.

The problem is: I love watching the Olympic games. We didn't have any coverage of them until getting to Heidi and Chad's Friday afternoon. Now that's all I want to watch. If I had Ti-Vo (not sure how to spell this new invention), I wouldn't have to fret about it, but I don't. My eyes don't want to stay open any longer, so I guess I'll call it an end to a great time and go get some much needed rest. It will feel so good to be back in my own bed.


MamaD4 said...

Welcome home Donna!

C. Randy said...

I too WELCOME (you) HOME!
I/we missed you - it was so quite the last 10 or so days! I/we're looking forward to seeing you, hearing your stories, sharing your pictures...

I trust you'll get to feeling better, soon, too! Geepers, sorry to hear about Cassie... tho' we know she's in better Hands now... ;-D)

Hava-great day / week back!
See you soon!