Friday, April 27, 2012

August 26, 2010: from Aunt Liz's "readread"

More about Ottawa

Ottawa school

Another memory of Ottawa-We had to go to a little post office to get our mail.It had been a grocery store also but no groceries when we lived there.The train would throw out a mail bag as it roared thru Ottawa & the station master would take it to the post office. Outgoing mail was put in a bag then attached to an iron post & as the train went by a man in the mail car had a long rod that he would grab the mail bag off the pole.My friend & I would go to the little depot to watch this & to see if the guy ever missed the bag. He never did when we were there. Then we would go to the P.O. to wait for the mail to be sorted & get our mail if we had any.

On Nov.11th 1940 my friend, Lorayne & I went to the P.O. about 11:30 to get the mail--It had been sunny in the AM but it started to snow about that time. It was about 12:30 when the mail came in & the snow was really coming down.We had a hard time walking home as the wind was blowing & it was snowing really hard! I was glad to get home.That was one of the worst blizzards in Minn. Many people were caught out in it & died. Trains & cars could not get thru the big drifts. We did not have electricity & were lucky that way as all electricity was out all over. Our neighbor borrowed lanterns from us so he could milk his cows.We had a battery powered radio so we could hear all the news about the blizzard-which was not goodnews!!

July 25, 2010: from Aunt Liz's "readread"


Donna wrote that the Kiewatt reunion was to be in the little town of Ottawa that is halfway between LeSueur & St. Peter. My folks moved ther when I was in high school.They lived on the old Kiewatt place. It had a barn & pigpen & chicken coop & outdoor toilet--No running water or electricity. My parents had 2 or 3 cows & some pigs & chickens. there was a pasture & a small cornfield. The place was wired for electricity but they could not afford it so we had kerosene lamps & lanterns.

I did not want to change schools so it was decided that I could stay with Dorothy & Art in St Peter during the week & come home on weekends.The train ran thru Ottawa so I was able to ride it from St.Peter to Ottawa On Fri Eve & return on Sun at noon.The ride cost one dime!!! The conductors got to know me & were very friendly. Ginny went to school in Ottawa & the school is still standing but is very run down & is not used for anything.The old Kiewatt place is all gone --bought up by the white sand quarry which is a big enterprise in Ottawa. They ship white sand all over the country.

April 20, 2010: from Aunt Liz's "read read"


What a weekend! We really celebrated the birthdays--Fri Mary Beth, Denny & Pat were here for lunch.Mary made a really good pasta salad. Then on Sat neices & nephews were here(13) total & everybody brought something to eat so we had a great lunch.Ethan & Relia were the little ones & they really got along well.They sat on the little chairs that I have in my living room & pretended to have a tea party-Relia poured in little cups from the little teapot. & then they would pretend to drink --Then she would ask Ethan "Do you want some more?" & he would say yes.We took scads of pix of them!!- Then on Sun the family came for dinner(16) counting Denny.The only thing I fixed was a ham .Lots of good food & company over the weekend.And I do not feel any older!!

Mary Beth & Barb H. are going to the casino in Hinckley on Thurs.We have been there since last fall.
Diane made the neatest picture for me--It is pix of sisters & she had old pix of me Dorothy & Ginny.One was the 3 of us by the old Quonset hut that Ginny & Allan lived w hen he was going to college in Mpls.Can't see much of it but I know that is it. You can see the corrigated side(sp?).
I really want to thank everybody for making my 85th birhtday so special.

[Sadly, this was Aunt Liz's final birthday. She passed away on April 12, 2011.]

May 2, 2009: from Aunt Liz's "readread"

May 1st

Yesterday was May Ist & Allan Addleman's 80th birthday!!When I was young we used to make May baskets out of construction paper or old wallpaper samples and we would pick wildflowers-violets or Mayflowers & put in the basket . Then we would go to our friends house & hang the basket on the doorknob & run so they would not see us. Especially if it was a boy!!I lived in the country so I would stay with my friend Eleanor who lived in town which gave me a chance to hang Maybaskets.I am still friends with Eleanor & we get together once a year for lunch. She used to come & stay overnight with me on the farm. She loved coming out there & I loved going into town!

I went to Menomonie Wis. yesterday to Barb Hulback's . Everything was so green& the leaves were popping out on the trees. We saw an eagle on the way home. He was sitting on a telephone pole by a small lake. We have seen him there before. Barb & Don have 3 bird feeders outside their living roomwindow & the birds were busy eating.Wesaw cardinals, woodpeckers, finches,cow birds & mourning doves. The orioles & hummingbirds are not back yet.

February 22, 2009: from Aunt Liz's "readread"

New TV

I am enjoying my new 47 in. TV.I thought it would be to big in living room but it isn't & the picture is great. But today I was going to the computer but decided to watch some TV first . After a bit I was going to change channels & I was clicking the buttons & nothing was happening--So I thought 'What is wrong with this new TV?? ' Then I realized that I had the telephone in my hand instead of the remote!!?? SENIOR MOMENT!!

I have been on the computer most of the afternoon looking at all the facebooks-A guy can spend a lot of time just doing that. We had such a good time going to Rochester last Sat to the tea put on by Janets Sweet Adelines & having Aurilia with us. I went to the casino Fri. with Mary Beth & Barb--WE took a bus tour-just for the day --we went to Hinckley. Did not win any money but we had fun & had a great lunch at the buffet.I am going to watch the Oscars tonight. Ihave not seen any of the movies but it is still interesting.

December 9, 2008: from Aunt Liz's "readread"

Telling a few stories

Thanksgiving has come &gone & Christmas is coming up fast!! I have a few of my decorations up --not the tree yet but will get that yet this week.And am thinking about making the plum puddings.I enjoyed going to Rochester to see Rachel & kids & Peder &Sarah & Relia. They are so much fun to watch them play-Janet got out her dolls & doll bed & the girls had fun with them.Joe played with plastic blocks--they had numbers on them & Joe would say the nunbers in German--up to 20!

Donna has a funny on her email today about men taking messages. Well I have a couple of them also & they are true ones about Vic & Tony Dadey. When Peder was born (they lived in Ill) Steve called my place & Vic answered the phone -Steve told him that Donna had a baby boy &named him Peder.The message that Viv relayed to me was"Peder called & said that Dolly(she was Pudges sister & lived in Conn.) had a baby & named him Steve. I called Pat right away & she was surprised--She called Thelma(Pudges mother) & told her. Thelma was also surprsed & said I didn't even know she was pregnant!!so she called Dolly right away & Dolly has no idea what she is talking about!!!We finally got it straightened out & we have always gotten a big laugh from that story.And another one was a Tony Dadey story. Tony stopped by my house & I told him Denny was coming .Well he went to Pat's house & told her that Ginny (my sister ) was coming.Pat called me & asked why I hadn't told her that Ginny was coming I said O My Gosh I have to go get groceries & clean house !!I asked Pat who had told her that & she told me Tony so we got that one straightened out pretty fast!! But we did learn mot to give those two any messages!!!

September 2, 2008: from Aunt Liz's "readread"

Labor Day Weekend

I have enjoyed looking at all the pix that everyone sent of our cruise. I just got hi-speed internet on Sun. thru Comcast. I did not know they worked on Sun but they did. I am just trying to get used to it--I think I will keep my Yahoo email address as I am used to that & everyone has it.
Pat & Pudge were gone for the weekend. They went to Hayward Wis. to Jim & glorias cabin & then they went to Chicago-I think on Mon. SO it was pretty quiet around here until yesterday afternoon. I went for a ride on the Patty wagon(golf cart) Went to Pats house to check on the tomato plants then I went to the Roman Market restaurant to get a sandwich but they were closed so I headed for home. As I was coming down Warner Road I heard sirens so I pulled over & the ambulance & 2 police cars went by--they turned onto the same road I was going to turn so I took off & when I came to the top of Faversham Rd I saw the ambulance in my driveway-I hurried down & my garage door was open & rescue squad & police were coming out the door!!I said "What is going on ?"& police said my emergency signal from Life Alert had gone off! I have no idea how that happened but I must have leaned on somehow --They then called my responders #1 is Pudge & they got him in Chicago( their home calls go to his cell phone). I imagine they called Denny #2 & Barb Parent#3 But they were not home so at that point they call the rescue squad. The policewoman told me they had searched the whole house. I think they were glad when I came tooling up on the golf cart!! I stayed outside for awile talking to neighbor & in the meantime Pudge had called Kari to see if they had been to my house that day.When I got into the house Kari was calling me so I called Pat & pudge to tell them what had happened .While I was talking to them Gemma came rushing in & was happy to see I was OK. Pudge had called her to find out what was going on!! Enough excitement for one day!! & for one week!

May 8, 2008: News item from Aunt Liz's "readreed"

News from Liz

Sunday I went to a baby shower for Emily(Dianes daughter). It was at Diane & Daves new house in Blaine.Their house is really,really nice .Has lots of windows so gets lots of light-they have a screened in deck(very smart for Mn.& allthe mosquitos)& that looks out over a pond & some woods & a cornfield. Diane said the farmer planted the corn for the wild life & they reallyhave it. They have seen deer ,wild turkeys, beaver in the pond just in back of their house & sandhill cranes. We saw the cranes on Sun. Janet came on Sat & spent time with with Donna before she left on Sun for the Ukraine. Emily got a lot of nice baby things at the shower. There were 3 babies there--one was only 10 days old!! Janet is in a Sweet Adelines concert on May 17th & Diane & Dave are going -they are going to pick me up.Pat will be in Hayward Wis. so I didn't think I would be able to go but this will work out fine. Fri. I am going to Jamie Lorch's School for Grandparents Day. We were to write a letter & tell what it was like when we started school. I think mine might be a litte different as I started school in a one room schoolhouse.YES we had to walk to school-rain,snow or shine. We were on a farm which was only about a mile from school. The teacher had all 8 grades-there were aout 12 or 15 students altogether. There were little desks in front & then medium size ones & then large ones for big kids.I carried my lunch in a little tin pail with a cover.Lunch was usually a peanut butter sandwich, a cookie or piece of cake & some fruit like an apple or raisins. When I was in 4th grade the country school closed & then I went to school in town & a school bus picked us up. At the country schoolwe had to carry water from the neighboring farm .We had to take turns to get the water --we had a pailto carry the water. The toilets were outside toilets -one for boys & one for girls. In winter ther was a big old heating stove that burned coal & wood. The teacher would get there early in winter to start the fire so it would be warm when the kids got there. Interesting times !!

Blogger is/has changed!

Without notice, Blogger changed for me early this week. I went to write a new entry, and the screen was different—really different! I had to make a phone call to Peder and Sarah for my "tech support." Per usual, Sarah had it all figured out. I'm still trying to navigate this new pattern, but am getting a little more confident with each attempt.

Today I got the warning from Google stating  "your email address is associated with an unmigrated legacy Blogger account"  I'm not exactly sure what they're talking, but think I'm okay, since my format changed over by itself and I've successfully posted since then. [Sarah, if you're reading this, please let me know if there is a step I'm missing here.]

But here's the issue I'm thinking about: what will happen to Aunt Liz's blog entries? Will they disappear? I don't know, but I have decided to copy some of them over to my blog. It's important for me have some of her writings. I'll be careful to label them so there's no mistake in knowing they are from her.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My day with Beverly Lewis

Ever since learning I was going to get to help with two Beverly Lewis signing events, I was excited - very excited. First of all, I have been a reader of her books for years, and then, a few years ago, she and I became friends. She and I care about each other, and we pray for each other - true friends do that.

This morning I got ready and anxiously awaited for my ride. And then we went to the hotel to pick up Beverly. It was so much fun seeing her again! Our first signing was in Delano, at the public library there. I had had a little training so I knew what was expected of me once we arrived. It was a pretty drive, and we were able to catch up on how the tour had been going, and how Beverly's family was doing. She asked about Leo, my new grandson, and about Nels, my cat. She wanted to know about my trip to Virginia. It was fun to be able to visit with her again.

When we pulled up to the library, we noticed there were lots of cars in the parking lot. That was a good sign. Bev and I waited in the van while Steve went into the library to meet the folks in charge and to see what they had set  up. Not only had they changed a kids play area into a meeting room with chairs, but there were tables with homemade bars and a big bowl of punch. They had the guests sign up for a drawing of Bev's newest book, The Fiddler. Right at 10, Bev and I made our way into the library. She went to the front of the room, and I stayed at the back. I had never heard her speak for a group before, so I enjoyed hearing about her grandmother and how her mother and dad met. Following her talk, she took questions from the guests. Again, it was really interesting.

At the conclusion of this part, the drawing took place and a sweet, young girl was the winner. She shyly came to the front to accept her book and had Beverly sign it for her grandmother. I thought it was so sweet that she wanted to give her winnings to one she loves.

My job was to give space to Beverly and one guest at a time. Therefore, I stood at the front of the line and visited with each person as they anxiously awaited their precious turn. I had looked for Rachel's Aunt Laura during Bev's talk, but didn't see her. But while the signing took place, Laura arrived and she was able to have her books singed.

Beverly, speaking to the Delano library guests.

L to R: yours truly, Beverly, Laura

Before going to our second book signing, we stopped for lunch, which again, was very nice. While we waited for seating, Beverly and I looked around at a wonderful store in the Galleria, Ampersand. She and I both have a fondness for dishes, and this store had both of us drooling! 

We reached the Lifeway store in Edina just in time to start the book signing there. A line was already formed when we entered the store. It was fun to see every one's face light up as Beverly came in the door. Most of them had already purchased her newest book and proudly held it as they waited their turn. Some brought a few of her previous books with them. Beverly happily signed each and every book. Again, I did my job of visiting with each one in line while Beverly took time to be with each fan. It was interesting to learn how much Beverly's books mean to them. 

While the signing progressed, a mom with two little kids came to me. To my surprise, the 3 1/2 year old little girl, is the one who just posed as a model for the cover to be used on the third book of this new series of Beverly's. I had seen shots from the photo shoot just yesterday, but hadn't recognized her. Once her mom mentioned it to me, of course, it registered. What a little doll she is! Beverly was so pleased to meet her.

Beverly with the little model of one of her upcoming book covers

I need to mention that I didn't share with those in line that Beverly is a friend of mine. I treasure our friendship, but never want to use it as a bragging right. To those in line, I mentioned I work at her publishing house. That seemed to satisfy them.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I had so much fun at work yesterday, I shouldn't be paid for the day!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of having three authors in our publishing house. Since becoming the morning receptionist, I have the honor of welcoming visitors - taking their coats and bags, getting them a beverage, and visiting for a bit. This is right down my alley!

I had never spoken with Judy Miller before, so it was really enjoyable getting acquainted with her. I have some of her books on my shelves, but have yet to read them. She has done a series on the Amana Colonies - Daughters of Amana - and has a new book coming out in the Home to Amana series. She also writes with Tracie Peterson. Their newest series is Bridal Veil Island. I'm anxious to read this series, too!

I have met Lauraine a few times when she has visited our office. She's a jolly woman - full of fun. She wrote the Red River of the North series, along with the Return to Red River series - stories of the early Norwegian immigrants who settled in North Dakota. I loved these books and passed them on to several of my family members, including Aunt Liz. She loved these books. (She was a much faster reader than I am. Aunt Ginny is, too.)

I am a friend of Louraine's on Facebook - along with over 4900 others! But was honored to have her comment on my post last Friday of becoming a new grandmother that day!

I wrote about Julie Klassen back in January. You can check it out here. Since that post, I have read Julie's The Girl in the Gatehouse and The Maid of Fairbourne Hall. If you were a fan of Downton Abbey, you would love Julie Klassen's books. Well, Julie stopped by my office yesterday afternoon and we got to chat for awhile. She is going to be going on a book tour to The Netherlands this September, compliments of one of the foreign publishers who buys the rights to many of our books to be published in Dutch. By the way, many of our authors have their titles published in many, many languages. Our company gets copies of the foreign language version. It's fun to see our titles in German, Chinese, Dutch, etc.

I don't know about others, but I have a job that I truly enjoy. While we don't have authors visit every day or every week, our work is really rewarding.

Oh, one more thing: this Saturday I get to accompany our biggest author at two book-signing events on her current tour. I'll be spending the day with Beverly Lewis who will be signing copies of her newest novel, The Fiddler. I've already read this book - took it with me on my trip to Virginia - and it is really good! The ending was so good, I had to read it twice. I'm REALLY looking forward to Saturday!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Introducing Leo

Today I got to meet Leo, my newest grand child. What a sweet little angel he is . I patiently waited for Sarah to finish feeding him, and then I got to hold him. He lay in my arms — so peaceful and sweet — sleeping, yawning, sometimes waking up to take a look. He held one of my fingers tightly with his darling hand. He mouth is like a rosebud. His nose is sweet, as are his ears. He has dark hair and a gorgeous complexion.

Sarah is recovering so well. I watched her squat down to help Felix and pop right back up. I couldn't have managed that on day two.

This afternoon I ordered my baby shoe for my necklace representing Leo. I can hardly wait for it to arrive. Welcome to our family, Leo. I love you.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Vacation in Virginia

Annika modeling these special glasses at a party store

William, driving one of his many vehicles

Josiah and Annika are excellent scooterists!

Whee! Here I come!

Annika, prior to loosing one of her front teeth

Josiah has become passionate about the Mario Brothers!

Isn't it time for me to come inside?

I love this photo of Will. They have a long, cloth tube - supported with wires (resembles a caterpillar). Will has perfected a way of walking into one of the ends and the tube comes up around him until he can actually walk around with it encasing his entire body. We had fun playing "peek-a-boo" with it.

I enjoyed getting acquainted with my new granddog, Elsa. She's 5 months old now.

Wow, Josiah! How do you do that?

All of the kids - and Hans, and even I, spent time in the trampoline. I jumped only four times and felt nauseated. That was enough for me!

Time for a snack

Not only did the Easter bunny pay a visit on Saturday night, but also the tooth fairy.

Rachel, preparing to take the Easter brunch out of the oven. It was yummy!

Grandma took a turn wearing ears, too.

I can't get over how much Hans resembles Steve (in his earlier years) in this photo.

On Monday, Hans and Rachel booked a river cruise for all of us. It was a two hour tour on the Elizabeth River in Norfolk. The day was sunny and beautiful - though a bit breezy. I enjoyed this trip very much. The tour guide gave a good description of all the sights, including the differences in the ships at the US Navy's largest base. While I didn't see Hans' ship, I saw one like it.

Our river tour boat. We sat on the upper deck.

If curious, this is a ship in dry dock. It is covered to keep the paint chips from going everywhere.

USS Wisconsin, now a museum permanently on display in Norfolk.

Aircraft carriers - USS Dwight D. Eisenhower on the left; on the right USS George H W Bush

Our navigator, William (just kidding)

Sweet Annika

William had fun peeking out the little port hole.

I picked the loveliest time to be in Norfolk. The flowers were abundant, and gorgeous! There were white and pink dogwood, flowering fruit trees, azaleas, roses, tulips, daffodils, and probably more. It was so beautiful.

Josiah, Annika and I dyed Easter eggs and frosted sugar cookies. We had a great time!

Will, putting sticks in his digger.

I have never seen a child with such expressive eyes and eyebrows as William.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with Hans, Rachel, Josiah, Annika, William, and Elsa. The kids were off school the entire time I was there, which was a surprise to me. Hans picked me up at the airport on Friday - another surprise. Rachel, Annika and I shopped for a few Easter decorations to be used at the Easter brunch Rachel provided for the family and another family. I watched the kids Saturday evening while Hans and Rachel went out to eat. During this time we dyed over a couple dozen eggs. I hadn't done that in years. Sunday morning, Rachel, Josiah, Annika and I went to church. A tender moment for me was watching Josiah put his hand over his heart as the pastor brought the cross up the middle aisle to be placed on the altar. I loved hearing him and Annika sing, "Alleluia!" Monday was the river cruise. This was really enjoyable! I also accompanied Rachel with Annika to deliver Meals on Wheels. What a neat program that is.

I'm so thankful for my family - all three kids with their families. Each one is so special to me.

I have a new grandson!!

Early this morning at 12:53, Leonardo Xavier was born to Sarah and Peder. He is a big boy already: 9 lbs., 6 oz., 21.5 inches long. Peder says he resembles Felix when he was born, though his head doesn't seem as large. They plan to call him Leo, which I like. How fun that he was born on my Aunt Liz's birthday. She would have loved that!

Leo's big sister is Aurelia, now 4 years old, and big brother, Felix, who will turn two in 18 days, on May 1.

This is grandchild number 7 for me. In order, they are Josiah (turning 8 on May 19), Annika (6), Aurelia (4), Marshall (3), William (2), and Felix (turning 2 on May 1). So, they were born 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012 - just like stair steps - but so much cuter. I'll be heading to the jewelry store after work today to order my shoe for Leo.
Congratulations, Peder and Sarah!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

To my dear Aunt Liz

Aunt Liz, I miss you very much. There's not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Today, in particular, I am thinking of you, for it was a year ago today that you left us. You were one of my most favorite people to be around. Thanks to you, I have many, many lovely memories.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ah! Spring . . .

Plum tree in bloom

Japanese Gardens at Normandale College

We have had the easiest winter and earliest spring in my memory - which is still pretty sharp! Trees have little tiny leaves, hostas are popping out of the ground, the plum tree near my garage is in full bloom, and smells so sweet. This morning I noticed a bee on my garage door. The robins and cardinals are singing - they are ever so busy. How would you like to have to build a new home every spring?

Another rite of spring - putting those winter clothes aside for the fresh spring ones. And while it's too early to put flowers outdoors, my mind has been busy thinking about the possibilities. I'm having an estimate prepared for a possible new patio and screened-in porch. I think it would be so pleasant for Nels and me to sit out there. We'll see . . .