Saturday, April 21, 2012

My day with Beverly Lewis

Ever since learning I was going to get to help with two Beverly Lewis signing events, I was excited - very excited. First of all, I have been a reader of her books for years, and then, a few years ago, she and I became friends. She and I care about each other, and we pray for each other - true friends do that.

This morning I got ready and anxiously awaited for my ride. And then we went to the hotel to pick up Beverly. It was so much fun seeing her again! Our first signing was in Delano, at the public library there. I had had a little training so I knew what was expected of me once we arrived. It was a pretty drive, and we were able to catch up on how the tour had been going, and how Beverly's family was doing. She asked about Leo, my new grandson, and about Nels, my cat. She wanted to know about my trip to Virginia. It was fun to be able to visit with her again.

When we pulled up to the library, we noticed there were lots of cars in the parking lot. That was a good sign. Bev and I waited in the van while Steve went into the library to meet the folks in charge and to see what they had set  up. Not only had they changed a kids play area into a meeting room with chairs, but there were tables with homemade bars and a big bowl of punch. They had the guests sign up for a drawing of Bev's newest book, The Fiddler. Right at 10, Bev and I made our way into the library. She went to the front of the room, and I stayed at the back. I had never heard her speak for a group before, so I enjoyed hearing about her grandmother and how her mother and dad met. Following her talk, she took questions from the guests. Again, it was really interesting.

At the conclusion of this part, the drawing took place and a sweet, young girl was the winner. She shyly came to the front to accept her book and had Beverly sign it for her grandmother. I thought it was so sweet that she wanted to give her winnings to one she loves.

My job was to give space to Beverly and one guest at a time. Therefore, I stood at the front of the line and visited with each person as they anxiously awaited their precious turn. I had looked for Rachel's Aunt Laura during Bev's talk, but didn't see her. But while the signing took place, Laura arrived and she was able to have her books singed.

Beverly, speaking to the Delano library guests.

L to R: yours truly, Beverly, Laura

Before going to our second book signing, we stopped for lunch, which again, was very nice. While we waited for seating, Beverly and I looked around at a wonderful store in the Galleria, Ampersand. She and I both have a fondness for dishes, and this store had both of us drooling! 

We reached the Lifeway store in Edina just in time to start the book signing there. A line was already formed when we entered the store. It was fun to see every one's face light up as Beverly came in the door. Most of them had already purchased her newest book and proudly held it as they waited their turn. Some brought a few of her previous books with them. Beverly happily signed each and every book. Again, I did my job of visiting with each one in line while Beverly took time to be with each fan. It was interesting to learn how much Beverly's books mean to them. 

While the signing progressed, a mom with two little kids came to me. To my surprise, the 3 1/2 year old little girl, is the one who just posed as a model for the cover to be used on the third book of this new series of Beverly's. I had seen shots from the photo shoot just yesterday, but hadn't recognized her. Once her mom mentioned it to me, of course, it registered. What a little doll she is! Beverly was so pleased to meet her.

Beverly with the little model of one of her upcoming book covers

I need to mention that I didn't share with those in line that Beverly is a friend of mine. I treasure our friendship, but never want to use it as a bragging right. To those in line, I mentioned I work at her publishing house. That seemed to satisfy them.


Pat said...

This was great to read. What a great experience!!

MamaD4 said...

I'm so glad that Laura made it--I hope she enjoys Beverly's books!

Phil Laura said...

My first book signing event...What a treat to see Beverly in person & discovering she lives in Colorado Springs. Donna you have such a fun job and I loved meeting Steve "the Cyclamen grower".

Rachel & Donna-thanks for keeping in touch.

Julie Klassen said...

Sounds like you had a great time, Donna. Fun to read about!