Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ah! Spring . . .

Plum tree in bloom

Japanese Gardens at Normandale College

We have had the easiest winter and earliest spring in my memory - which is still pretty sharp! Trees have little tiny leaves, hostas are popping out of the ground, the plum tree near my garage is in full bloom, and smells so sweet. This morning I noticed a bee on my garage door. The robins and cardinals are singing - they are ever so busy. How would you like to have to build a new home every spring?

Another rite of spring - putting those winter clothes aside for the fresh spring ones. And while it's too early to put flowers outdoors, my mind has been busy thinking about the possibilities. I'm having an estimate prepared for a possible new patio and screened-in porch. I think it would be so pleasant for Nels and me to sit out there. We'll see . . .

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