Friday, April 27, 2012

April 20, 2010: from Aunt Liz's "read read"


What a weekend! We really celebrated the birthdays--Fri Mary Beth, Denny & Pat were here for lunch.Mary made a really good pasta salad. Then on Sat neices & nephews were here(13) total & everybody brought something to eat so we had a great lunch.Ethan & Relia were the little ones & they really got along well.They sat on the little chairs that I have in my living room & pretended to have a tea party-Relia poured in little cups from the little teapot. & then they would pretend to drink --Then she would ask Ethan "Do you want some more?" & he would say yes.We took scads of pix of them!!- Then on Sun the family came for dinner(16) counting Denny.The only thing I fixed was a ham .Lots of good food & company over the weekend.And I do not feel any older!!

Mary Beth & Barb H. are going to the casino in Hinckley on Thurs.We have been there since last fall.
Diane made the neatest picture for me--It is pix of sisters & she had old pix of me Dorothy & Ginny.One was the 3 of us by the old Quonset hut that Ginny & Allan lived w hen he was going to college in Mpls.Can't see much of it but I know that is it. You can see the corrigated side(sp?).
I really want to thank everybody for making my 85th birhtday so special.

[Sadly, this was Aunt Liz's final birthday. She passed away on April 12, 2011.]

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