Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Feeling Good!

As of this week, my health has turned the corner and I'm happy to say I am feeling good! I have not used my walker or cane, and am taking the stairs in my office multiple times during the day. I am praising God for healing my body and for bringing so many angels to my aid during the process.

I just looked back and realized I have really been "under the weather" since the beginning of July—first with the severe kidney infection that sent me to the hospital for a 5 day period, and then a couple of weeks later, while still recovering from that, getting the strong leg pain and foot tingling that warned me of a herniated disc. I don't feel like elaborating on that, but the entire ordeal lasted 7 months!

What have I learned during this long event? First of all, I have learned to be patient, to know to help others in need, what it's like to be handicapped, I don't like being alone for days on end, there is not much to watch on daytime TV, and much more.

And now that I'm mobile again, I hope to do more in exercising. The timing for this is great because our snow is gone and spring is in the air. Here's to new beginnings!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Early Spring

We've been having unusually nice weather in Minnesota and looks like we're having an early Spring! One day last week the temperature hit 70 degrees, and today it is supposed to reach 65! We have snow only where plows piled it up high. Green grass is beginning to show through the brown stuff. Oh, and the birds are singing their hearts out! There have been pictures of Snowdrops blooming at the Minnesota Arboretum.

Nels has been loving spending time out in the screened porch. One evening this week he was out there for over an hour. When I let him out when it's dark outside, I think he watches for mice and other creatures.

With this nicer weather, I have looked in my closet and I think I need to get some new spring/summer clothes. Mine are looking rather tired. I don't know how much looking around I can do, due to my foot problems (still having some nerve pain, but is much, much better), but I think I may give it a try tomorrow.

In choir we are rehearsing beautiful music for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter. We have a new choir director (new last June), and just love him. It's a joy to go to rehearsal and to the worship services on Sunday morning.

Sunday, March 06, 2016


It meant so much to be present at the Lord's table at our church today. What a blessing this was for me! Our church only commemorates communion on the first Sunday of the month, and I have not been present for it since November.

Communion is very important to me. It is a time to confess my sins and to thank God for sending His son to die on the cross, raise from the dead, and save me and all who come to Him. Growing up, the church my family attended, offered communion every Lord's Day. They offered it Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings. It was that important. This was a big change for me since moving to the twin cities. Today I was blessed.