Friday, March 11, 2016

Early Spring

We've been having unusually nice weather in Minnesota and looks like we're having an early Spring! One day last week the temperature hit 70 degrees, and today it is supposed to reach 65! We have snow only where plows piled it up high. Green grass is beginning to show through the brown stuff. Oh, and the birds are singing their hearts out! There have been pictures of Snowdrops blooming at the Minnesota Arboretum.

Nels has been loving spending time out in the screened porch. One evening this week he was out there for over an hour. When I let him out when it's dark outside, I think he watches for mice and other creatures.

With this nicer weather, I have looked in my closet and I think I need to get some new spring/summer clothes. Mine are looking rather tired. I don't know how much looking around I can do, due to my foot problems (still having some nerve pain, but is much, much better), but I think I may give it a try tomorrow.

In choir we are rehearsing beautiful music for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter. We have a new choir director (new last June), and just love him. It's a joy to go to rehearsal and to the worship services on Sunday morning.

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