Yes, Donna it has been quite a "stretch" for me to go back 60 - 70 years and remember how things were! I'm sure that they were impressions from a "young" child. I have especially been thinking of all of the times with Liz. As I tried to describe earlier how different we all were - Dorothy being the oldest - 11 years older than me - had to take over many adult responsibilities and probably missed out on a lot of fun teen age times. Liz, the middle, was always looking for fun, happy, and never seemed to mind me, the youngest tailing along behind her. I was the shy one, always hid behind mother when I could.

Anyway, I hope to put this all together in some kind of form for everyone sometime - don't want it to be a book!

One of the things is how often I have said to Allan and realize now I should have told it to all of you is how proud your parents would have been of all three of you.
Jerry, you have always cared for your sisters, and still do. Your service in the Navy shows how well you did, and then coming home and being there for both Janet and Donna in some hard times for them. I know Uncle Jerry is very important to their family. You are so kind, reminds me of your father often. I am so glad you have found a great church - I still listen every week to the messages from Autumn Ridge.
Janet, you too are a very kind person. I know there have been difficulties for you and you have supported your family so well. It was good seeing Keith and how well he was doing, I had to tease him a little. Also, the way you have supported and accepted Lynn and her family, and a new great grandchild. We hear of so many tragic things happening to babies by parents, and for those of us who do not believe in abortion or abandoning (especially in Chicago) I am so thankful for seeing how accepting you all are of them - Lynn's new husband seems like a very nice man, we pray for their marriage.

Donna, you lost your parents at such a young age. I can well understand how important Liz was to you. I am glad she was able to be there for you, so sorry we weren't closer. Then too I hadn't had a lot of experience by then either. We know you had some difficult times, but are thankful for the way you have handled them.
You mentioned not knowing how to be a mother to adult children. When I look at Hans, Peder and Heidi, you and Steve should be very proud of your family. I don't have to list all of their accomplishments - it was great to hear Peder singing at Liz's service. I did not know he had such a good voice. I am glad you are still continuing in the choir at your church.

This too is becoming a book! Liz and I both haven't always had "perfect" children either!! You know, probably better than I do, how hard it had to be for Liz with some of the difficulties Wayne had and then how tragically he died.

We had struggles with David for many years. It was great to see him marry, when he was 35 years old, and how he and Cheryl are raising their children now. I always said he was the first one, I was only 21 when he was born, and Linda came along less than a year later, so in looking back I am amazed at how well they turned out, only by God's grace I know now.

As I told you earlier, Donna, our family was never the kind to show their emotions too well. I am still thankful that Liz called me the night before she entered the hospital in April and we had a nice long chat - and also that I remembered to tell her that I loved her before I told her goodbye, not usual for me either!
I also look back and remember how glad I am that you all visited us in New York, that was the last time I saw your father. When I think now of our small 3rd floor apartment in New York, and one bath, how did we all manage to get along so well! But then we all had fairly small houses and still got together, a lot of us sleeping on the floor I guess.

I think too, your grandparents, Chet and Hazel Austin, might be proud of their children. I too lost them when I was young. I was 16 when my dad died, and 21 when my mother died, so I always looked to my two older sisters for support and they were there for me too.

Just another chapter in my "book."

Much love,