Saturday, May 12, 2012

What a gorgeous day!!

Aurelia and I have had a very nice time today - spending lots of it outdoors enjoying this beautiful Minnesota day. This morning we took a little trip to Target and then a pet store. The pet store had darling puppies and kittens for sale. They also had tropical fish, hamsters, parakeets, and guinea pigs. Aurelia loved looking at all them.

When we got home, we spent some time on the patio - Aurelia coloring and me ~ just enjoying watching her color and enjoying the wonderful day.

After we had our lunch - also out on the patio, I got out my wagon and together, we took Nels for walk. He hadn't been outdoors for a walk since last summer. His little nose was just a goin' - taking in every scent.

Aurelia didn't know there were two swimming pools on my property, so I made sure our walk took us past them. She told me she would be coming over after they open for the summer and plans to stay three weeks! Our association has installed a couple of new benches, so we took the opportunity to sit on one of them for a little rest. Suddenly I spotted a mama cardinal. She flew to a bush where papa cardinal jumped out. They hopped around on the grass for a little spell, and then I noticed one of their babies - well, more like "toddler." The three of them hopped and hopped around for a little bit and then flew into the bush. I was so happy Aurelia was able to see them.

After returning home and putting the wagon away, we sat on the patio for a little fudge bar. A chickadee landed on the tree not ten feet from us. I called, "Chick a dee-dee-dee. Chick a dee dee dee." The little bird called back to me, so I repeated "Chick a dee-dee-dee. Chick a dee dee dee." Aurelia thought this was fun, so she tried it. The sweet little bird called back to her. It sat on the branch, looking down to us, while singing its song. Aurelia really picked up on this. The Chicadee flew from branch to branch, singing and singing. Then it flew away. Aurelia started running out in the yard, flapping her arms, singing  "Chick a dee-dee-dee. Chick a dee dee dee." Very cute.

We have had a good time while she's been here. We've watched "Frosty the Snowman, "Charlotte's Web" and "A Charlie Brown Valentine," - all her choices.

When Sarah and Peder came to pick her up, we all went to the Olive Garden where they treated me for a Mother's Day dinner. This was the cap to a wonderful day. Thank you!!


Pat said...

What a great day!!! Enjoyed reading about the birds. I think it is really neat how we can get such pleasure by such simple things--watching granddaughter color, birds, lunch on the patio, walks...... And nothing costs very much money. Life is good -- isn't it?

carrster said...

Sounds like fun!