Monday, May 21, 2012

A Quirk with Buggie Today

Today when my work shift was over, I got into Buggie - my car - and put the key in the ignition. Well, you know how one can lock the steering wheel once the key is removed? Well, apparently I had turned the wheel this morning, for it was locked. For five minutes I tried to turn the wheel while trying to turn the key. No luck. Dan, a co-worker, happened to walk past my car and I called to him to say I may need his help. I should mention, he helped me when this happened to me once before with this car. Just when Dan was turning to come over, voila! The key turned! I drove off and stopped at the car wash near my home.

After my car was washed and dried, I got in it to drive away and the stupid key not only turned - but turned 360°! Not good. I turned it "backwards" the "forwards" and lo and behold, the car started. I have an appointment at the VW dealership tomorrow morning at 7. Thankfully, all work is under warranty.

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