Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mein Auto ist im Laden

Again at the end of my workday yesterday, my steering wheel/ignition seized. I tried and tried to turn them, to no avail. I called my VW dealership who directed me to call the road-side assistance (part of my warranty). “Wait time” before a flat-bed truck could come to take my car away: 90 minutes. I had no choice but to wait. THANKFULLY, it was 1) daylight, 2) I was in a safe place where I could sit and read, and 3) I had no pressing engagements – other than to give Nels his dinner and choir rehearsal.

At 7 pm, the truck driver pulled into our parking lot. He got out and asked me what the problem was, so I explained. He climbed into my car and after working on it a minute or so, he was able to force the steering wheel to turn and started the car. Frustrated with this whole deal, I told him to leave it running and no need to tote me to the dealership. I would drive there on my own.

They couldn’t have been nicer at my dealership. They brought up my account and saw the report stating I had been there on Tuesday and that “a problem was definitely diagnosed with the ignition. A part had been ordered from Germany and would arrive within one to three weeks. When it arrived, I would be called to bring in my car and the defective part would be replaced.” Right away they began writing up the paper work for me to have a loaner to use until this said part arrives and is installed in my car.

Poor Nels. I didn’t get home until 8 pm. He was so happy to see me and to have his dinner. I was hungry, too!

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