Friday, May 11, 2012

A sleep-over at my house

Peder and Sarah brought Aurelia over to my home tonight for a sleep-over. She hasn't been over for awhile - and frankly, I am getting to see first hand how grown up she is becoming.

Peder and Sarah report some of the fun things she says, but to be truthful, I wondered if they were perhaps  embellishing the stories just a tad. Well, I have heard it first hand, and they aren't making any of this up.

Case in point: this evening Aurelia and I went out to dinner. We had very interesting conversation during our dinner. But the fun stuff came as we drove home. Leaving the restaurant, we made a mad dash for the car since it had started to rain. While driving away, she told me she had a feeling it was going to storm. I reassured her it was just a gentle rain - not a storm.

"What is a storm?" she asked.

I told her it was rain with wind, strong rain, and hail.

"What is hail?" she quizzed.

I told her it was similar to ice cubes dropping from the sky.

 "That would be okay, wouldn't it, Grandma D?" "

No," I replied. "Once when we had hail, it made dents in my car!"

 "You get all the fun!" she said.

A couple of minutes later she said she wanted to play with the little girl who lives upstairs from me. "She's my best friend and I love her."

"What is her name, Aurelia?"

"I don't remember, but I know I want to play with her."

"Her name is Tony," I replied.

Aurelia told me she has a Tony in her preschool - a boy named Tony. She said he has brown skin and that she's going on a date with him.

"Really! Are you sure about that?" I asked. "Do you mean a 'play date'?"


Well, that was a relief. I cannot get over how quick to respond she is. We're now watching "Frosty, the Snowman" - her request. She has one of my dolls and just finished nursing her. She's so funny!

(There may be more to add to this tomorrow.)

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-Peder said...

Yep, she really is that funny to talk with. Thank you so much!