Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I have a new baby shoe!

On April 13, Leonardo Xavier was born to Peder and Sarah, joining siblings Aurelia (4), and Felix (2 - today!). What a precious little - well not so little - angel is he! I have had the privilege of holding him on two separate occasions thus far and hope to hold him again this coming Sunday at Felix's birthday party.

Shoes represent L to R: Leo (April), Felix (May), William (October), Marshall (November), Aurelia (August), Annika (February), and Josiah (May).

With the birth of Leo comes my tradition of purchasing a baby shoe for my "grandma" necklace. This new shoe arrived on Saturday and now I proudly wear it next to those of Josiah, Annika, Aurelia, Marshall, William, and Felix. Oh, Leo's seems to stand out a little more than the others because his birthstone is diamond. Welcome to our family, Leo!


Heidi said...

Very pretty mom.

I Love Barbershop said...

I love the necklace! And the many colors on it.

Ardy said...

Lovely...did you decide to stick with the necklace and not make a pin?

DD4 said...

I checked on getting my shoes attached to a gold bar, but the options weren't many, the cost would have been too high, and I'm not entirely certain there won't be any more grandchildren. The jeweler recommended I add Leo's shoe to my necklace for now and wait to see if more little ones join our family.