Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birds in my Birdhouse!

Nels has been a bit agitated when near my French doors lately. I have seen him get behind the plantation blinds and stand on his back feet, while meowing. I couldn't image what was causing him to behave this way.

Last night I noticed the neighbor across the backyard from me sitting on his patio, looking through his camera which was pointed at a near by bush. Not far from the bush was "Henrietta," (a name I call all female Cardinals). She was chirping and chirping - all the while looking at the same bush.

I stepped out on the patio and quietly called over, "Is there a Cardinal nest in that bush?"

"Not a nest, but a young Cardinal."

Just then Henry (my name for all male Cardinals) came on the scene—perched in a tree near my patio. He was definitely looking toward the bush. Both parents flitted from tree to tree, not sure what to do about the gentleman who was sitting so close to their baby (Harriet - once again, my name).

Phil asked if he could come over to stand on my patio to watch. "Sure," I replied. We stood and watched the scene across the way. The parents flew straight to the bush and entered into the leaves, no doubt relieved to be back with their young once again.

While we were talking, a Chickadee landed in the bush by my patio. Could this be the same Chickadee that called back and forth to Aurelia and me a couple of Saturdays ago? Who knows. Anyway, it flew up to a tree not far away, and then came back and made a circle over our heads. "What is he doing? Is he trying to land on your head?" Phil asked.

I told him I had heard Chickadees are known to have landed on people's open palm when one has bird food in them and is holding absolutely still. I held out my palm, but it didn't fly to me. It stayed in the tree while watching us. I said, "Let's move farther away to see what he does." And then I called to him, "Chick-a-dee-dee-dee.  Chick-a-dee-dee-dee." And lo and behold, the Chickadee flew straight to my bird house and went in the opening! I have Chickadees in my birdhouse. I saw one come and go again this noon and again tonight. This is a first for me and I'm very excited!

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