Friday, October 29, 2010

Service Appointments

Yesterday I had a cable converter box installed on my TV - necessary to continue getting some of my channels. At the same time, I upgraded to the next level of cable reception. The service call was to be anywhere from noon to 2 (don't you just love those "window" of times?). He came at 1. It took about 25 minutes for the installation, followed by a short test to be sure everything was working and a brief demonstration of the new remote, and then he left. I hurried back to work - not really sure what new channels I was going to have. When I got home from work, I had about 10 minutes to watch TV and then had to get ready to leave for an evening event.

Today I had another service appointment - the installation of an automatic car starter on my new VW Beetle, a gift from my brother. (Thank you, Jerry!) A few years ago Heidi & Chad had one installed on my red Beetle for my Christmas present. What a wonderful gift for someone who hates winter! When I sold the car, it had to stay with it. I took the car to Best Buy this morning. My boss followed me and brought me back to work. Later this afternoon he took me back and I picked up my car. Again, the technician demonstrated the remote.

Tonight is the first chance I have had to check out the new TV channels. While some of the new ones aren't of interest to me, I am happy to have the option of watching the Food Network, History and Discovery channels, Animal Planet, The Weather Channel, and Fox News .

Now to get used to two new remotes. Aye yi yi!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Amish Stool

This is my new, Amish stool which I really like! The tall handle works very well for toting it here and there, and makes for some good support. It has already come in handy in my kitchen and cottage. I think it will be useful when my grandchildren come for washing their hands and brushing their teeth at the bathroom vanity. Since it is made of solid oak and by the Amish, I'll most likely have it for years to come.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Amish Visit

In 1988 I became acquainted with many dear Amish folks in the Canton and Harmony area in southeastern Minnesota. Over the years I have continued to visit one dear Amish lady, Lovina, who runs a little general store on her farm. Her little store is very interesting. One can buy fresh, harvested honey, home-made jam, parts for kerosene lamps, Amish coloring books, large bags of powdered jello, soaps, stainless steel frying pans, knives, red-hot cinnamon jaw breakers (fireballs), Amish community cookbooks, fly tape, herbal medicines, Amish pasta, cheese, oatmeal, fresh eggs, etc.

Three weeks ago I wrote to Lovina to ask if she was going to be home today and if her store would be open. About a week later, I got a very nice note from her letting me know she would be there and would be happy to see me. [The Amish don't use electricity and have no phones. Their lives are so different from ours. Women and men work all day long on their farms. Young children and old are expected to pitch in. Most have big gardens. Many of the men make furniture to sell - beautiful furniture. The women quilt, bake, weave baskets, wash clothes which they hang on clothes lines to dry. They respect Sundays as a day of rest. There is much more I could mention, but just wanted to give a glimpse.]

Today we stopped at 6 farms - each with a store. I'm excited about a new two-step stool I bought.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting Ready to Fly

Today when I went home for lunch, I was pleased to see the leaves had all been cleaned up by our lawn care service. Everything looks so nice and tidy. Then while eating lunch, I noticed not a few, but at least 15 robins in the yard. I think they may be eating a good meal before taking off for warmer parts. I'll miss them. Have a good, safe flight! I hope to see you in the Spring.

Weekend with the Knitters

I LOVED this darling playhouse for Barb's grandchildren.

L to R: Mary, Glady, Louise

Delicious Saturday breakfast!

Pat, describing how to make our candy dish project

My candy dish and spoon before putting the wire trim on it

Gayle and Louise applying their decorative wire trim

L to R: Merrianne, Mary, Glady, Louise, Gayle, Barb (hostess), and Pat

I have some generous friends who share what they have. One particular friend is Barb. Each year she invites our knitting club to come to her cabin. This is the second time I have gotten to be part of the event. We had nine ladies there, and we made a fun craft - a candy dish. Pat is very gifted when it comes to knitting and other crafts, so each year she puts something together that is fun to make and useful.
We had delicious meals (we divide into groups of two or three and provide that meal), shopped in Nisswa, watched the movie For Richer or Poorer - a movie that I find really funny, sat around and talked a lot, helped one of the women tie a quilt for a co-worker, and went to church together on Sunday morning. Everyone had a very nice time.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Will!

Today my 5th grandchild, William Friedrich, turned 1 year old. He was born in Germany, to Hans and Rachel. I got to meet him and be with him for a couple of weeks when I visited them in Germany in May, and I can tell you, he is adorable! At that time, he was rolling and rolling across the floor and trying to crawl. Now I hear he is walking, has some teeth, and still wins the hearts of everyone who sees him.

Though I didn't get to go to his party today, I was able to capture this picture of him from Rachel. Isn't he cute?! Happy 1st birthday, Will!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Regrets

I'm very happy I decided to buy the 2010 Final Edition of the VW Beetle. I just found this article with photo of the newly designed 2011 Beetle - and it just doesn't do it for me.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend with Aurelia Part 2

Mixing the topping for the apple crisp

Spreading the topping on the apple slices

Nancy, Aurelia, and yours truly

With our hands and apples washed, Aurelia and I prepared the apple crisp and popped it into the oven. While it baked, we ate dinner and watched Lady and the Tramp. Aurelia was so tired, she went right to bed when the movie ended.

During the night, I heard Aurelia coughing and sneezing. I thought she was coming down with a cold so I rolled over and turned off the alarm clock, expecting us to sleep in. At 7 am, I had the feeling someone was staring at me. I opened my eyes, and there stood Aurelia - fully dressed for church. "Hi, Grandma D. I'm all ready for church!" I jumped out of bed, got her a quick breakfast, dressed, and out the door we went. Aurelia sat with me in the choir loft for our morning warm-up, and in the pew next to my chair during the worship service. She was so good! Many of my choir friends commented on how well behaved she is.

After church we went to a local restaurant with my friend, Nancy. We had pancakes and sausages, and Aurelia ate everything served to her. She also colored the picture provided by the restaurant.

Driving her home, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful trees and bushes, and fall displays in some of the yards. On my way home I stopped to take some pictures. It sure was a nice weekend with Aurelia!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Playing with Aurelia

Today Peder and Sarah brought Aurelia and Felix over. I got to hold and play with Felix while Peder and Sarah ran to the store. He is so sweet! He smiled and smiled, and looked all around at the things on my walls. He watched Aurelia as she played with some toys. When his parents returned, they took him home and Aurelia stayed with me.

After lunch, we took off to do some errands. We stopped at Breadsmith, and then went to two pet stores to replenish Peppi's food supply. I knew Aurelia was going to enjoy the pet stores. The first one has only birds - mostly parrots. Two of the large ones talk occasionally. The big blue and orange one surprised us by saying, "Hello, there." "Hi." The grey one only said, "Hello." I have always enjoyed going to this store. The owner/proprietor is a very nice, gentle man. He has raised canaries and parrots for many years.

From there we went to a second pet store - the one from which I bought Tweety and Peppi. They have a few varieties of food that the previous store doesn't have. Plus, they have lots of tropical fish, turtles, gerbils, rabbits, some birds, and now and then an Iguana. I was totally surprised to see the sign, "Store Closing," on the window. They told me they are closing at the end of November. Everything will be sold. This is sad - but it's probably due to the other "big box" pet stores in the area.

Next errand - buy apples at the grocery store. We hope to make some apple crisp later. Aurelia was a big helper - pushing the junior shopping cart for me. She did a good job! No running into people or displays.

Next stop - a drive through the beautiful woods of Hyland Park and a stop to play on the slides and swings. Aurelia gathered some acorns, and climbed on the playground equipment. Another little girl soon joined us, and they played together for a little while. It's been a beautiful day, but a little on the warm side.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Political Ads

I don't know about you, but I'm weary of political ads - on TV and in my mail box. Each year it seems they start earlier. If I had my way, each candidate would have 30 days to campaign. Period. If they were already in office, any time they step away from their job - to campaign or stump for another - and miss a vote in congress, they would have to take that time without pay. Only 4 more weeks to go. Ugh!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Fall Drive

Eagles' nest

With few weekends left to take in the fall color, today I drove to Aunt Liz's to have lunch with her, Pat, and friend, Mary Beth. We drove through downtown Stillwater and up highway 95 to Marine on St. Croix, a charming village with beautiful homes. Along the way we stopped at a roadside viewing area where we took a few pictures and marveled at how high the water was on the St. Croix River due to the recent rains.

Coming home we spotted a huge eagles nest. We weren't fortunate to see any eagles, but saw lots of beautiful foliage.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Weekend Events


Our view at the Twins' game today

My new Twins' blanket

Last night I took Rosy to see The Sound of Music which was performed by the drama team at my church. I had seen it in the spring when it was performed as a dinner theater venue. It was brought back by popular demand, and enhanced due to using the Sanctuary rather than the Great Room. Rosy had not seen the movie or read anything about the Von Trapp family, but she said she really enjoyed it - especially when the children were on stage. I'm no longer her tutor - a hard decision on my part, but I plan to continue doing things with her from time to time. I think she may have grown two or three inches since May.

This morning I went to the Twins' game with a friend. We took the light-rail downtown and got to the stadium at 10:15. My, it was chilly inside the corridors of Target Field - - and in our seats. We were in the shade AND wind the entire game. It was about 48 degrees at game start (12:10), with a 15+ mph wind. I had brought a blanket and wore a turtle neck, sweat shirt, and a hooded coat, but I still froze. After the 3rd inning, I went to one of the Game Stores and bought another blanket and a head band. We were behind for most of the game, but in the bottom of the 9th inning, with 2 outs and bases loaded, Casilla was up to bat. The count was 3 - 2, when he hit a ground ball to center field, bringing in two runners to end the game. Twins 5; Toronto 4. It was so worth staying for the end of the game!