Saturday, October 09, 2010

Playing with Aurelia

Today Peder and Sarah brought Aurelia and Felix over. I got to hold and play with Felix while Peder and Sarah ran to the store. He is so sweet! He smiled and smiled, and looked all around at the things on my walls. He watched Aurelia as she played with some toys. When his parents returned, they took him home and Aurelia stayed with me.

After lunch, we took off to do some errands. We stopped at Breadsmith, and then went to two pet stores to replenish Peppi's food supply. I knew Aurelia was going to enjoy the pet stores. The first one has only birds - mostly parrots. Two of the large ones talk occasionally. The big blue and orange one surprised us by saying, "Hello, there." "Hi." The grey one only said, "Hello." I have always enjoyed going to this store. The owner/proprietor is a very nice, gentle man. He has raised canaries and parrots for many years.

From there we went to a second pet store - the one from which I bought Tweety and Peppi. They have a few varieties of food that the previous store doesn't have. Plus, they have lots of tropical fish, turtles, gerbils, rabbits, some birds, and now and then an Iguana. I was totally surprised to see the sign, "Store Closing," on the window. They told me they are closing at the end of November. Everything will be sold. This is sad - but it's probably due to the other "big box" pet stores in the area.

Next errand - buy apples at the grocery store. We hope to make some apple crisp later. Aurelia was a big helper - pushing the junior shopping cart for me. She did a good job! No running into people or displays.

Next stop - a drive through the beautiful woods of Hyland Park and a stop to play on the slides and swings. Aurelia gathered some acorns, and climbed on the playground equipment. Another little girl soon joined us, and they played together for a little while. It's been a beautiful day, but a little on the warm side.

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Brian said...

Sounds like a great day!!!