Friday, October 29, 2010

Service Appointments

Yesterday I had a cable converter box installed on my TV - necessary to continue getting some of my channels. At the same time, I upgraded to the next level of cable reception. The service call was to be anywhere from noon to 2 (don't you just love those "window" of times?). He came at 1. It took about 25 minutes for the installation, followed by a short test to be sure everything was working and a brief demonstration of the new remote, and then he left. I hurried back to work - not really sure what new channels I was going to have. When I got home from work, I had about 10 minutes to watch TV and then had to get ready to leave for an evening event.

Today I had another service appointment - the installation of an automatic car starter on my new VW Beetle, a gift from my brother. (Thank you, Jerry!) A few years ago Heidi & Chad had one installed on my red Beetle for my Christmas present. What a wonderful gift for someone who hates winter! When I sold the car, it had to stay with it. I took the car to Best Buy this morning. My boss followed me and brought me back to work. Later this afternoon he took me back and I picked up my car. Again, the technician demonstrated the remote.

Tonight is the first chance I have had to check out the new TV channels. While some of the new ones aren't of interest to me, I am happy to have the option of watching the Food Network, History and Discovery channels, Animal Planet, The Weather Channel, and Fox News .

Now to get used to two new remotes. Aye yi yi!


Lindsey said...

I like your background. Very fitting for you!

Pat said...

I think you are really going to enjoy those new channels. I know what you mean about learning the new remotes. Supposed to make life simpler but I have my doubts--at least until you learn it and it becomes second nature. But then about that time something goes wrong and then you have to figure it out.