Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend with Aurelia Part 2

Mixing the topping for the apple crisp

Spreading the topping on the apple slices

Nancy, Aurelia, and yours truly

With our hands and apples washed, Aurelia and I prepared the apple crisp and popped it into the oven. While it baked, we ate dinner and watched Lady and the Tramp. Aurelia was so tired, she went right to bed when the movie ended.

During the night, I heard Aurelia coughing and sneezing. I thought she was coming down with a cold so I rolled over and turned off the alarm clock, expecting us to sleep in. At 7 am, I had the feeling someone was staring at me. I opened my eyes, and there stood Aurelia - fully dressed for church. "Hi, Grandma D. I'm all ready for church!" I jumped out of bed, got her a quick breakfast, dressed, and out the door we went. Aurelia sat with me in the choir loft for our morning warm-up, and in the pew next to my chair during the worship service. She was so good! Many of my choir friends commented on how well behaved she is.

After church we went to a local restaurant with my friend, Nancy. We had pancakes and sausages, and Aurelia ate everything served to her. She also colored the picture provided by the restaurant.

Driving her home, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful trees and bushes, and fall displays in some of the yards. On my way home I stopped to take some pictures. It sure was a nice weekend with Aurelia!


I Love Barbershop said...

Love the photo's and how much fun you have with Relia.

E Manders said...

What a special memory for her to have with her g-ma! Looks like great fun!