Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Big Toe

[This is not my foot—merely an example of what mine looked like this morning.]
It seems I can't go a full year without some sort of problem with my feet. Nine months ago I had a toe nail removed on my big toe due to an ingrown toe nail. That new nail is nearly full grown, and as of last week, it was getting painful. By yesterday, the area around one side of the nail was a vibrant pink. This morning it was red. Thankfully, my podiatrist had an opening today so she was able to look at the toe and evaluate it. The new nail is growing a bit curly - and thus, there isn't enough room for it. After numbing the toe, she removed a sliver of nail about 1/8th inch wide and then applied acid to the area, killing the possibility of any new nail growing in that area and thus allowing more room for the nail. She said it is 98% fool proof.

I'll be soaking it twice a day for the next six weeks, applying a medication to the area, and finally covering it with a couple of band-aids. The Novocaine has yet to wear off, so it's feeling fine.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wedding Bells – 50 Years Ago

50 years ago this evening, I was walking down the aisle to be married to Steve. It was a beautiful wedding with my sister and Steve's sister standing up for me. Steve's brother and cousin, Mike, stood up for him. My cousin John was my page boy and carried my train. Our good friend, LeRoy sang a solo, as did I, and our home-town church organist, Irene, played the organ. My Aunt Liz and Aunt Ginny, plus others, had a big hand in helping me get ready—baking, frosting, and bagging the groom's cake—cherry devil's food.

That was a long time ago—a half century—and while we didn't live together happily ever after, we are friends, and share 3 amazing kids and 8 adorable grandchildren. We now share this day with our son, Peder and his wife, Sarah, as they had their "surprise" wedding on this same date, 9 years ago. Happy Anniversary, Peder and Sarah!


For the past six or more years, I have had voicemail from my telephone provider. It has been very nice, allowing me to save messages for years. I have many precious ones—Annika when she was about two years old. I could hear Rachel in the background telling her to leave a message and sweet little Annika says, "But she's not talking to me." I have some from Josiah thanking me for sending him Sir Topham Hatt and hearing him say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I have some from Heidi and Hans telling me "Happy Birthday, Mom," and "Happy Mother's Day!" There are some from Rachel who was just checking in. There's one from Aurelia asking me to go to supper with her. And I'll always love the one of Hans calling to tell me William has been born. But the one I really don't want to loose is from my Aunt Liz. I cherish it. Next week I will loose the messages because I am changing my carrier. What to do? Today I called my sister and brother to see if one of them has a tape recorder. Luckily Janet has one and is going to loan it to me so I can play the messages on my speaker phone and record them.  [I already checked with Centurylink to see if they can record them for me. No such luck.] I think my grand kids will think it's fun to hear their voices when they were so young.

There are letters, emails, and text messages (not yet from me), that are nice to read. But for me, there is nothing like hearing the voice of my loved ones.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Farewell, Uncle Allan

Today our family gathered at the cemetery in Lake Crystal for a burial service of my Uncle Allan's ashes. He passed away February 12th of this year. This is the same cemetery where my grandparents on my mother's side of the family are buried. We took this opportunity to put flowers on their graves.

Uncle Allan and Aunt Ginny's kids, my cousins: Dave, Linda, Diane, and John

My maternal grandfather's grave.

Pat graciously dug the holes for our red geranium plants. This grave is my maternal grandmother's.

Jerry, Linda, Janet, Pat and I standing at our maternal great grandfather's grave. Nels immigrated from Sweden, coming by ship and settling in Minnesota where he met and married our grandmother Valinda.

Ellie, John's wife, with Pudge

Cousin Linda; Pat with Aunt Ginny

Jerry with Dave and his wife, Cheryl

Dave, Diane's husband, with granddaughter Hazel

My darling first cousin, twice removed, Hazel

Preparing for the picnic. Our family has had multiple picnics at this park.

Dave, holding his darling grandson, Vance (Hazel's baby brother)

Remember the cousins' slumber party this past weekend? An idea came up that Pat could/should create a "gift" bag for Aunt Ginny and each of her kids. This is our cousin Dave opening up one of his treasures. This was really fun!

Here's Diane inspecting one of her gifts.

Was John pleased with this jug? Yes, I think so.

My cousin Diane holding her precious granddaughter, Hazel

L to R: Jerry, Pat, Janet, Dave, Linda, Diane, John and yours truly

Cousins' Weekend 2014

This past weekend my cousin Pat hosted a slumber party at her house for my sister, cousin Linda and me. It rained much of the time we were there, but that didn't keep us from having fun. We weren't there very long when Pat started bringing plastic bins in from the garage full of dishes – lots of them. These bins have been in storage ever since Pat and Pudge moved into Aunt Liz's house a couple of years ago. It was fun looking through them and helping Pat to decide what to keep, sell, or donate. Many, many things were offered to us; I restrained myself and came home with a little more than a one grocery bag full.

Pat (Janet and I) love blue glassware. This was a nice collection.

Linda seems overwhelmed with all of this!

Taking a break, Pat puts together a potato casserole.

Janet and Linda enjoying the walleye fish Pudge fried for dinner. Yum!

Pat and Pudge.