Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Big Toe

[This is not my foot—merely an example of what mine looked like this morning.]
It seems I can't go a full year without some sort of problem with my feet. Nine months ago I had a toe nail removed on my big toe due to an ingrown toe nail. That new nail is nearly full grown, and as of last week, it was getting painful. By yesterday, the area around one side of the nail was a vibrant pink. This morning it was red. Thankfully, my podiatrist had an opening today so she was able to look at the toe and evaluate it. The new nail is growing a bit curly - and thus, there isn't enough room for it. After numbing the toe, she removed a sliver of nail about 1/8th inch wide and then applied acid to the area, killing the possibility of any new nail growing in that area and thus allowing more room for the nail. She said it is 98% fool proof.

I'll be soaking it twice a day for the next six weeks, applying a medication to the area, and finally covering it with a couple of band-aids. The Novocaine has yet to wear off, so it's feeling fine.

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Heidi said...

I've had that done on both my big toes. I've been problem free ever since. Best of luck!