Thursday, June 12, 2014


For the past six or more years, I have had voicemail from my telephone provider. It has been very nice, allowing me to save messages for years. I have many precious ones—Annika when she was about two years old. I could hear Rachel in the background telling her to leave a message and sweet little Annika says, "But she's not talking to me." I have some from Josiah thanking me for sending him Sir Topham Hatt and hearing him say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I have some from Heidi and Hans telling me "Happy Birthday, Mom," and "Happy Mother's Day!" There are some from Rachel who was just checking in. There's one from Aurelia asking me to go to supper with her. And I'll always love the one of Hans calling to tell me William has been born. But the one I really don't want to loose is from my Aunt Liz. I cherish it. Next week I will loose the messages because I am changing my carrier. What to do? Today I called my sister and brother to see if one of them has a tape recorder. Luckily Janet has one and is going to loan it to me so I can play the messages on my speaker phone and record them.  [I already checked with Centurylink to see if they can record them for me. No such luck.] I think my grand kids will think it's fun to hear their voices when they were so young.

There are letters, emails, and text messages (not yet from me), that are nice to read. But for me, there is nothing like hearing the voice of my loved ones.

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DD4 said...

Thanks to my sister, I have been able to record all of my saved emails onto a cassette tape. It was about 30 minutes worth. I will treasure them.