Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Farewell, Uncle Allan

Today our family gathered at the cemetery in Lake Crystal for a burial service of my Uncle Allan's ashes. He passed away February 12th of this year. This is the same cemetery where my grandparents on my mother's side of the family are buried. We took this opportunity to put flowers on their graves.

Uncle Allan and Aunt Ginny's kids, my cousins: Dave, Linda, Diane, and John

My maternal grandfather's grave.

Pat graciously dug the holes for our red geranium plants. This grave is my maternal grandmother's.

Jerry, Linda, Janet, Pat and I standing at our maternal great grandfather's grave. Nels immigrated from Sweden, coming by ship and settling in Minnesota where he met and married our grandmother Valinda.

Ellie, John's wife, with Pudge

Cousin Linda; Pat with Aunt Ginny

Jerry with Dave and his wife, Cheryl

Dave, Diane's husband, with granddaughter Hazel

My darling first cousin, twice removed, Hazel

Preparing for the picnic. Our family has had multiple picnics at this park.

Dave, holding his darling grandson, Vance (Hazel's baby brother)

Remember the cousins' slumber party this past weekend? An idea came up that Pat could/should create a "gift" bag for Aunt Ginny and each of her kids. This is our cousin Dave opening up one of his treasures. This was really fun!

Here's Diane inspecting one of her gifts.

Was John pleased with this jug? Yes, I think so.

My cousin Diane holding her precious granddaughter, Hazel

L to R: Jerry, Pat, Janet, Dave, Linda, Diane, John and yours truly

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