Tuesday, July 01, 2014


I can't recall a time when so many people were moving—many of them "down-sizing," leaving a home with several bedrooms and multi-levels, to homes with only a couple of bedrooms and all on one level. Most of them are in my age bracket, and thus have accumulated years of "stuff." Like me, their closets are stuffed, their dresser drawers are stuffed, the garage is stuffed, the kitchen cabinets are stuffed. When did we gather so much stuff?

Last year, when my cousin Pat was going through my Aunt Liz's stuff, my cousin Linda, my sister and I sat in chairs as she opened box after box, deciding what to keep; what to discard. At that time I went home with some "stuff" – really nice things, but where was I going to put them? Then a couple of months ago, at another "cousins weekend," Pat brought out more boxes and bins of "stuff." Again, I brought things home. Do you want to know the truth? I have yet to unpack these treasures because I have no room. My closets and hutch are stuffed.

In early May, my girlfriend Bonnie's dear 94 year old mother passed away. Bonnie, whose home is already stuffed, had to make big decisions about what to do with her mother's things. By the way, her mother's home was also stuffed. Bonnie offered her mom's TV to me. I thought about taking it, but felt so guilty about having more than one TV. Well, I took it and now have 2 TVs - one in my cottage and one in my bedroom. I'm actually enjoying it. I also took a beautiful china plate, a darling figurine w/music box, and a beautiful pear paperweight. These latter items I was able to put to use right away.

So now my friend Laurey is moving to a smaller home – she's downsizing. A few weeks ago she gave me a beautiful bird bath. I had no problem using this since it sits outside my porch. She also offered me about 40 movies—some still in the original wrapping. Well, I took about 25 of them. I know, my movie library shelves are already stuffed, but I couldn't resist! This past Saturday I went to her home to help her sort through things. Again, I came home with more stuff: pastel chalks, a couple of children's books, a darling bedroom lamp, and a teddy bear. I could have had more. She offered me a treadmill that has hardly been used. I declined. Where would I put it? She also offered me a GORGEOUS hard rock maple bedroom set. It has two lovely dressers, a beautiful maple framed mirror, a night stand, and a matching head and foot board to a double bed. I couldn't use the head/foot board, but the others pieces would have been beautiful in my bedroom. That was Saturday. I had to let her know by Monday night and move the furniture out by tomorrow. The decision was overwhelming to me: how would I be able to empty my dressers, arrange for a truck to pick up my pieces and deliver them to charity, and then go to Laurey's home to pick up the furniture and bring it to my home? I declined. Someone is going to get a beautiful bedroom set. Lucky them!

Now my brother has bought a new house—all on one level. Prior to moving, he and my sister will have to get rid of a bunch of "stuff." Lord, help me so I am not tempted to bring home even one thing from their home!

Seeing what my family and friends are going through, I have begun to get rid of some of my stuff. So far, I have cleaned out three dresser drawers. I threw some things away, shredded some paperwork, and have a bag of things to take to charity. It's a start!


Lil mitchell said...

If you would get rid of most of your 17 sets of dishes think how much space you would have.

So...Janet will be able to come home sooner or when does he get to take possession of the house? Probably a smart move. Where is this one located?

Love, Lil

Nancy L. Renich said...

This definitely seems to be a trend. I bought a few things on our trip to Kansas, none of which I needed by any stretch, but you know how it is.

The VETS pick up a couple of bags of mostly clothing tomorrow. But that is just a small scratch in our boatload of clothes.

I would hate to think of leaving our house for something smaller, but I suppose it could happen.

I enjoyed your thoughts and comments about "stuff"!

Nancy Lee