Sunday, May 06, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Felix!

Felix turned 2 years old on the 1st of May. Today we celebrated with a party!

Felix opened his gifts and was so pleased to receive diggers and trucks, among some other things. He was so cute when he said "Thank you," to each giver of the gift. Often he or Aurelia would start opening the gift, followed by Felix saying, "Help me, Daddy." I love his little voice.

What a fun gift — a toy camera! It even sounded like a camera when clicked. Felix would put it up to his eye, point it, and say, "Smile." Adorable!

I was so pleased to get to hold Leo for a good part of the party. Pat had taken her turn before I arrived. I must have held him a couple of hours and he was so good - no crying, just a little stretching now and then, a couple of yawns, and a few times he opened his eyes to look at me. His eyes are still a beautiful blue.

Here's another one - just a bit closer. He is so sweet!

Just look at the sweet, little angel. 

The birthday candles are lit, the "Happy Birthday" song has been sung. Felix was really enjoying this time.

Aurelia helped Felix blow out the candles. Just look at his sweet smile.

Felix loved this new toy! It can spin 360° - and doesn't make noise!

Yours truly with 3 of my darling grand children. I am blessed!

3 generations — Leo, Peder, and Grandma D 


MamaD4 said...

Lovely! Glad Felix had a good birthday and that you got to spend some quality time with Leo!

carrster said...

Great pics!! Looks like a fun party.