Friday, April 13, 2012

Vacation in Virginia

Annika modeling these special glasses at a party store

William, driving one of his many vehicles

Josiah and Annika are excellent scooterists!

Whee! Here I come!

Annika, prior to loosing one of her front teeth

Josiah has become passionate about the Mario Brothers!

Isn't it time for me to come inside?

I love this photo of Will. They have a long, cloth tube - supported with wires (resembles a caterpillar). Will has perfected a way of walking into one of the ends and the tube comes up around him until he can actually walk around with it encasing his entire body. We had fun playing "peek-a-boo" with it.

I enjoyed getting acquainted with my new granddog, Elsa. She's 5 months old now.

Wow, Josiah! How do you do that?

All of the kids - and Hans, and even I, spent time in the trampoline. I jumped only four times and felt nauseated. That was enough for me!

Time for a snack

Not only did the Easter bunny pay a visit on Saturday night, but also the tooth fairy.

Rachel, preparing to take the Easter brunch out of the oven. It was yummy!

Grandma took a turn wearing ears, too.

I can't get over how much Hans resembles Steve (in his earlier years) in this photo.

On Monday, Hans and Rachel booked a river cruise for all of us. It was a two hour tour on the Elizabeth River in Norfolk. The day was sunny and beautiful - though a bit breezy. I enjoyed this trip very much. The tour guide gave a good description of all the sights, including the differences in the ships at the US Navy's largest base. While I didn't see Hans' ship, I saw one like it.

Our river tour boat. We sat on the upper deck.

If curious, this is a ship in dry dock. It is covered to keep the paint chips from going everywhere.

USS Wisconsin, now a museum permanently on display in Norfolk.

Aircraft carriers - USS Dwight D. Eisenhower on the left; on the right USS George H W Bush

Our navigator, William (just kidding)

Sweet Annika

William had fun peeking out the little port hole.

I picked the loveliest time to be in Norfolk. The flowers were abundant, and gorgeous! There were white and pink dogwood, flowering fruit trees, azaleas, roses, tulips, daffodils, and probably more. It was so beautiful.

Josiah, Annika and I dyed Easter eggs and frosted sugar cookies. We had a great time!

Will, putting sticks in his digger.

I have never seen a child with such expressive eyes and eyebrows as William.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with Hans, Rachel, Josiah, Annika, William, and Elsa. The kids were off school the entire time I was there, which was a surprise to me. Hans picked me up at the airport on Friday - another surprise. Rachel, Annika and I shopped for a few Easter decorations to be used at the Easter brunch Rachel provided for the family and another family. I watched the kids Saturday evening while Hans and Rachel went out to eat. During this time we dyed over a couple dozen eggs. I hadn't done that in years. Sunday morning, Rachel, Josiah, Annika and I went to church. A tender moment for me was watching Josiah put his hand over his heart as the pastor brought the cross up the middle aisle to be placed on the altar. I loved hearing him and Annika sing, "Alleluia!" Monday was the river cruise. This was really enjoyable! I also accompanied Rachel with Annika to deliver Meals on Wheels. What a neat program that is.

I'm so thankful for my family - all three kids with their families. Each one is so special to me.


Pat said...

Great pictures!! Adorable children. Sounds like the greatest of times. Elsa is cute and seems like she is full of personality--just like the kids. Good to see a picture of Rachel and you are right about Hans looking like Steve. I am going to want to hear about it when I see you.

MamaD4 said...

Great pictures Donna! I'm so glad that you had a good time. Your grandchildren miss you!