Friday, April 27, 2012

September 2, 2008: from Aunt Liz's "readread"

Labor Day Weekend

I have enjoyed looking at all the pix that everyone sent of our cruise. I just got hi-speed internet on Sun. thru Comcast. I did not know they worked on Sun but they did. I am just trying to get used to it--I think I will keep my Yahoo email address as I am used to that & everyone has it.
Pat & Pudge were gone for the weekend. They went to Hayward Wis. to Jim & glorias cabin & then they went to Chicago-I think on Mon. SO it was pretty quiet around here until yesterday afternoon. I went for a ride on the Patty wagon(golf cart) Went to Pats house to check on the tomato plants then I went to the Roman Market restaurant to get a sandwich but they were closed so I headed for home. As I was coming down Warner Road I heard sirens so I pulled over & the ambulance & 2 police cars went by--they turned onto the same road I was going to turn so I took off & when I came to the top of Faversham Rd I saw the ambulance in my driveway-I hurried down & my garage door was open & rescue squad & police were coming out the door!!I said "What is going on ?"& police said my emergency signal from Life Alert had gone off! I have no idea how that happened but I must have leaned on somehow --They then called my responders #1 is Pudge & they got him in Chicago( their home calls go to his cell phone). I imagine they called Denny #2 & Barb Parent#3 But they were not home so at that point they call the rescue squad. The policewoman told me they had searched the whole house. I think they were glad when I came tooling up on the golf cart!! I stayed outside for awile talking to neighbor & in the meantime Pudge had called Kari to see if they had been to my house that day.When I got into the house Kari was calling me so I called Pat & pudge to tell them what had happened .While I was talking to them Gemma came rushing in & was happy to see I was OK. Pudge had called her to find out what was going on!! Enough excitement for one day!! & for one week!

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