Friday, April 27, 2012

May 2, 2009: from Aunt Liz's "readread"

May 1st

Yesterday was May Ist & Allan Addleman's 80th birthday!!When I was young we used to make May baskets out of construction paper or old wallpaper samples and we would pick wildflowers-violets or Mayflowers & put in the basket . Then we would go to our friends house & hang the basket on the doorknob & run so they would not see us. Especially if it was a boy!!I lived in the country so I would stay with my friend Eleanor who lived in town which gave me a chance to hang Maybaskets.I am still friends with Eleanor & we get together once a year for lunch. She used to come & stay overnight with me on the farm. She loved coming out there & I loved going into town!

I went to Menomonie Wis. yesterday to Barb Hulback's . Everything was so green& the leaves were popping out on the trees. We saw an eagle on the way home. He was sitting on a telephone pole by a small lake. We have seen him there before. Barb & Don have 3 bird feeders outside their living roomwindow & the birds were busy eating.Wesaw cardinals, woodpeckers, finches,cow birds & mourning doves. The orioles & hummingbirds are not back yet.

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