Friday, April 27, 2012

Blogger is/has changed!

Without notice, Blogger changed for me early this week. I went to write a new entry, and the screen was different—really different! I had to make a phone call to Peder and Sarah for my "tech support." Per usual, Sarah had it all figured out. I'm still trying to navigate this new pattern, but am getting a little more confident with each attempt.

Today I got the warning from Google stating  "your email address is associated with an unmigrated legacy Blogger account"  I'm not exactly sure what they're talking, but think I'm okay, since my format changed over by itself and I've successfully posted since then. [Sarah, if you're reading this, please let me know if there is a step I'm missing here.]

But here's the issue I'm thinking about: what will happen to Aunt Liz's blog entries? Will they disappear? I don't know, but I have decided to copy some of them over to my blog. It's important for me have some of her writings. I'll be careful to label them so there's no mistake in knowing they are from her.

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Sarita said...

very good idea. Let me know if you need any help