Thursday, April 19, 2012

I had so much fun at work yesterday, I shouldn't be paid for the day!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of having three authors in our publishing house. Since becoming the morning receptionist, I have the honor of welcoming visitors - taking their coats and bags, getting them a beverage, and visiting for a bit. This is right down my alley!

I had never spoken with Judy Miller before, so it was really enjoyable getting acquainted with her. I have some of her books on my shelves, but have yet to read them. She has done a series on the Amana Colonies - Daughters of Amana - and has a new book coming out in the Home to Amana series. She also writes with Tracie Peterson. Their newest series is Bridal Veil Island. I'm anxious to read this series, too!

I have met Lauraine a few times when she has visited our office. She's a jolly woman - full of fun. She wrote the Red River of the North series, along with the Return to Red River series - stories of the early Norwegian immigrants who settled in North Dakota. I loved these books and passed them on to several of my family members, including Aunt Liz. She loved these books. (She was a much faster reader than I am. Aunt Ginny is, too.)

I am a friend of Louraine's on Facebook - along with over 4900 others! But was honored to have her comment on my post last Friday of becoming a new grandmother that day!

I wrote about Julie Klassen back in January. You can check it out here. Since that post, I have read Julie's The Girl in the Gatehouse and The Maid of Fairbourne Hall. If you were a fan of Downton Abbey, you would love Julie Klassen's books. Well, Julie stopped by my office yesterday afternoon and we got to chat for awhile. She is going to be going on a book tour to The Netherlands this September, compliments of one of the foreign publishers who buys the rights to many of our books to be published in Dutch. By the way, many of our authors have their titles published in many, many languages. Our company gets copies of the foreign language version. It's fun to see our titles in German, Chinese, Dutch, etc.

I don't know about others, but I have a job that I truly enjoy. While we don't have authors visit every day or every week, our work is really rewarding.

Oh, one more thing: this Saturday I get to accompany our biggest author at two book-signing events on her current tour. I'll be spending the day with Beverly Lewis who will be signing copies of her newest novel, The Fiddler. I've already read this book - took it with me on my trip to Virginia - and it is really good! The ending was so good, I had to read it twice. I'm REALLY looking forward to Saturday!


Pat said...

Aren't you fortunate in that you really enjoy your job. Can you imagine hating to go to work every morning? I cannot think of anyone more suited to be a receptionist than you. Like you said that is right down your ally. It must be fun to rub elbows with the authors. Keep up the good work.

DD4 said...

Just this morning, it was announced Julie Klassen's THE GIRL IN THE GATEHOUSE won the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Best Book Award in the Inspirational Romance category. Congratulations, Julie!

I loved this book!

DD4 said...

Also, annouced yesterday, THE FIDDLER, by Beverly Lewis, made its debut on today’s USA Today Bestseller list at #36. Congratulations, Bev!

This is such a good read!!

Judith Miller said...

Was great spending time with all you wonderful Bethany folks on Tuesday, Donna. And I'm going to be thinking of you when I make that trip to Scotland in November!
Have fun with Bev on Saturday.

Julie Klassen said...

I always love seeing you, too, Donna. Thanks for the congrats!