Thursday, August 21, 2008

Endicott Glacier

Approaching the glacier.

Crew member watching for large chunks of ice.

Endicott Glacier

The ice here is about 100 feet high.

On our itinerary, we were to sail through the Tracy Arm fjord, but due to huge chunks of ice, it is too dangerous. The captain instead took us to the Endicott Glacier in Endicott Arm. He directed the ship in very well, moving slowly. The water in this area is 1,000' deep and of course, very cold. Once we got in as close as safety would allow, the captain turned the boat about 90 degrees to give everyone a good chance to see it. A small rubber boat with crew members tried to capture a big piece of ice to bring on board for all to see and touch, but the current began to get too swift so the captain gave the order for them to return to the ship. It was a beautiful sight.

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