Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 7 of Our Cruise

Aurelia was not fond of her birthday hat.

"Birthday Cakes" at Aurelia's little birthday party on the ship.

I love this photo of Peder!

Heidi was treated to a pedicure. Isn't she cute?

Me with two of my favorite people

Before we cruised, someone suggested we should give Aurelia a birthday party on the ship. Sarah got wind of it and said it would be fine, but she didn't want Aurelia to have any cake until her actual birthday, which is August 23.

Pat and Linda decided they would like to host it and gave invitations to everyone on Tuesday. The party would be Thursday in the Champagne Bar, where we held Heidi's surprise baby shower.

The two hosts got pretty creative. They borrowed the ceiling decorations I had used for the shower. For a "cake," Pat stuffed into her purse 20 cups of yogurt from the Windjammer lounge after breakfast. She arranged them on the tray from our room which held our ice bucket. Poked into each cup top was a plastic candle holder and candle that Pat bought at the dollar store the day before in Prince Rupert, B. C. It was really a cute "cake."

Another scheme they came up with was a gift bag for everyone. Pat raided the room service cart in our hallway, taking bars of soap and chocolates, which she stuffed into feminine disposal paper bags. She also deposited a questionable candy in each: a mint wrapped with cellophane, picturing a donkey and stating VOTE DEMOCRAT. My friend, Lil, said, "I'm not sure I can eat this." While at the dollar store in Prince Rupert, she also bought a Pin the Tail on the Donkey game (I'm seeing a theme here.) and party hats. Jerry won the game and his prize was a roll of toilet paper - also taken from the cart.

Aurelia seemed to have fun opening her gifts. It's hard to believe she is turning one already.

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