Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rainy Day in Prince Rupert, B. C.

Our ship at pier in Prince Rupert, B.C., Canada.

Kitchen inside Prince Rupert Train Museum.

Waiting for the show to start.

Roel, from The Phillipines, our waiter in the Edelweiss Dining Room.

Julia, from Russia, our head waitress in the casual dining lounge.

This day we woke to a chilly, rainy setting in Prince Rupert, B. C., Canada. There really weren't any excursions here that we felt like doing, so Jerry and I decided to brave the elements and walk around the town a little. He had a desire to tour the train museum, so that sounded good to me. We found it to be a charming little building with a small waiting room for guests and a kitchen, dining room, and a bed room for the workers. I especially liked the kitchen. It was cheerfully painted which we learned was important since Prince Rupert is the 3rd rainiest city in all of Canada. Jerry has loved trains most all of his life. I think it makes him happy that Josiah also shares this interest.

From the museum we walked up a long hill to the mall. This small city reminded me of Duluth with its hills. The mall ended up being a big disappointment. The only store I would have like to have seen was now closed. So we headed up the hill a bit further to the dollar store. Funny, but we didn't run into Pat there. We did see Sarah's parents on the sidewalk outside the store, however. It's hard to believe that I was in a foreign country and couldn't find one single thing I want to buy - not even in the Salvation Army store. If there were nicer stores, we didn't see them.

But I felt like my luck changed when we finally found the public library. Shaking out my umbrella, which had blown inside out three times, and hanging up my wet coat and purse on a chair, I was ready to sit at a real live computer to check email, a couple of news sources, stocks, and perhaps make an entry on my blog. I learned the first half hour was "free" and each additional half hour only $1 - a bargain.

Jerry and I found a great little restaurant right down the sidewalk from where our ship was tied up. It was called Peg Leg and had a pirate theme. We each had delicious burgers and fries. What a treat.

On a different note, we had extremely nice waiters in the dining rooms. Two of my favorites were Roel and Julia. I loved it when Julia would say in her darling Russian accent, It's my pleasure. She was a delight to talk to.

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