Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pike Place Market

Candied apples

So pretty

I can't imagine catching one of these!
Original Starbuck's

Linda and Heidi

Top row, small covered dish in the front center is now proudly displayed in my home.

Today, even though the temperature was 94 degrees, Janet, Linda, Heidi and I went to downtown Seattle to stroll through Pike Place Market. This was Linda's first visit to Seattle, so we thought she would enjoy seeing this.
As always, there were crowds of people and the shops were busy. I am always amazed at the gorgeous bouquets of flowers and their very low prices. It's fun to watch them being put together so effortlessly. Linda also wanted to see the original Starbucks store, which is directly across the street from the market.

Do they still throw the fish at the fish stand? Yes. It draws quite a crowd.

Even though we didn't buy any candy or candied apples, it's always fun to look.

My favorite store in the market is the Polish Pottery store. As I always say, "You can never have too many dishes!" Anyway, I bought one piece. This I added to my small collection of 5 pieces total. I bought my first piece here, one piece in Salzburg, and 2 in Germany. Each piece I have is a different shape and pattern.

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