Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun Find in Seattle

This is primarily for Rachel's information, but Friday Heidi took Jerry, Janet, Linda and me to a Japanese store called Daiso - the same store as in Yokosuka. In Japan it was referred to as the 100 Yen store (the same as our dollar stores). Here everything is priced $1.50 in American money. It was so much fun, and we three gals bought things. Three things I was excited about were paper weights: 2 polar bears and one oval shape (like an egg) with bubbles inside. They are beautiful! And such a bargain. I bought some little cobalt blue glass cups too.

Linda asked if there was a store like this in Chicago and the clerk said no, only in Seattle and Los Angeles.

Jerry had one of my polar bears in his carry-on and it set off the signal at security in the Seattle airport on Sunday. Could the bear contain lead? No one knows. But once the guard checked it, Jerry was allowed to bring it through. Poor Jerry.

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MamaD4 said...

Wow, that looks fun! I wish I could have asked you to grab some of the Japanese crayons for the kids. They love their Japanese crayons, but they're starting to get pretty shabby!

The store in Seattle looks just like the store in Yokosuka. I miss that place! I wish that I would have bought more knitting needles. And crayons.