Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Shower for My Next Grand Child

Centerpiece Cake (made with Pampers)

Heidi's first glimpse of the shower.

I love her smile.

Aurelia's other grandma - aka Nana

My Aunt Liz

Me and my baby.

Saturday morning at 9:30 we began decorating the Champagne Bar for Heidi's baby shower. No, we did not serve champagne. At 10 the guests began to arrive. Peder was to fetch Heidi and Chad at 10:15 and persuade them to join him in an activity. A little after 10:30, Peder and Heidi arrived - but no Chad. Some how he managed to duck out. The first thing I remember Heidi saying was, "I knew my mom would do this at some point during the cruise." Why can't I surprise my kids??

Heidi and Chad got so many nice gifts. It was the first time our group had actually joined together since we embarked, so that was nice.

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