Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tour of Salzburg and Dinner in Munich - Day 9

Loading the bus
Street in old Salzburg Mozart's birthplace
Graves behind gates
Lisa, Nora, Misuk and John

Today we had another great breakfast at our hotel in Salzburg, Austria. We checked out of the hotel and drove to the city center for a tour of the city. We strolled through the Mirabell Gardens, walked past the birthplace of Amadeus Mozart and the University of Mozarteum, the old cemetery (part of the Sound of Music was filmed behind these gates). Then we walked back to the bus and started our journey back to Munich.

In Munich we stayed in a very nice hotel, in a nasty neighborhood! Weird, huh? After putting our luggage in our room, I left to find an Internet cafe. First of all, I had never been inside one before, and once there, I had to have a little help because the keyboard was different from the ones I have used in the states. The "y" was where our "z" is. The "@" had a key command with a key that read "Alt Gr." There were a few other differences that I cannot remember. I stayed there an hour or so, checking email messages and making a blog entry.

In the evening we had our final dinner together. The dining room in this hotel was lovely, and the food was beautifully presented - - and it tasted good, too! Dave, our choir director, gave a little speech, thanking our travel agent and our tour guide, Stephen Benham. Then Dave led the choir in Majesty and Glory. It was a very tender moment.

Very early the next morning (4 am), we left the hotel and headed for the Munich airport. There I parted from the choir and flew to Stuttgart.

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