Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hello from Kiev

I have lots to write about regarding our mission trip to Ukraine and Austria, but I am at a computer where I am paying per minute so will keep this brief. We have completed 4 concerts, plus one impromptu, and they went very well. The Ukrainian people are very sweet and we communicate a lot with smiles. Yesterday afternoon I gave my faith story in a beautiful former Catholic church. I got through it fine. I can't recall how old the church is, but we have been in at least 3 structures that were built in the 1100's! Makes me feel young. :-)

This is our last day in Kiev. We'll be touring the Monastery of the Caves, going down into the catacombs. We'll be checking out of our hotel at 3:30 am (that's right) tomorrow to head for the airport on our way to Munich where we will board a bus and drive to Salzburg, Austria. I'm looking forward to seeing that area again. We may sing at a church on Sunday morning.

I'll try to post another entry and photos from Hans and Rachel's next week!


MamaD4 said...

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Brian said...

Glad you are having fun!

I Love Barbershop said...

I'm glad things got better for you after the first day.

I'm looking forward to hearing about the mission in Ukraine and also your time with the family in Germany. I know it will go fast and I know you will have fun.

Happy Mother's Day, Donna.