Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Early Departure from Kiev - Day 7

Roadside scenery on the Autobahn
Orange Fanta and Florentine

We arose at 3 am, checked out of our hotel, and were on our way to the Kiev airport by 3:45. Everyone went through immigrations and customs without a hitch. We flew Lufthansa to Munich flying over Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria, and then into Germany. The plane was about half full, so I opted to sit in a row by myself - in a window seat. The sky was clear. The snow-covered mountains were lovely. The flight and arrival into Munich was uneventful. We went through customs and boarded a nice bus. The drive to Salzburg, Austria, was about 2 hours. We stopped along the way at a rest stop with a McDonald's. I had a "Happy Meal" for lunch and really enjoyed it!

Our hotel in Salzburg was within walking distance of the old city. After Gayle and I dropped our luggage into our room, we set out to see some sights and do a little shopping. The weather was gorgeous. In fact, we had no rain the entire time of the mission trip.

The shops were abundant and fun. We ran into Wooddale people here and there. But eventually I set out on my own as Gayle and some of the others were more interested in souvenirs. I found a darling shop with Delft and other things. I made a small purchase and asked the proprietor if she could direct me to a yarn shop. While walking in the direction she gave, I spotted Pat and Janet. They came along with me to the yarn shop. There I bought a Bavarian sweater pattern book (in German) and yarn to make a Bavarian vest for Annika, and hopefully one for Aurelia when she gets bigger.

We ran into others from our tour and eventually Pat and I took off together. We found a darling confectionery shop where we treated ourselves to Florentines (cookies) and an orange Fanta drink. It felt good to sit down for a little bit. But not for long, as we had more shopping to do!!

The dinner that evening was a nice salad and turkey medallions plus rice and vegetables - carrots and yellow squash. It was delicious!

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