Thursday, May 22, 2008

First Whole Day in Kyiv (Kiev) - Day 2

There is only one known street in the city center that has no trees.

The University of Kyiv

There are steeples and domes throughout the city.

One of the few remaining hammer and sickles in Ukraine

National Security building

One of the many statues in Kyiv

After a good night's sleep, we awoke at 7:30 and dressed for the day. Our breakfast buffet was served in the hotel dining room. What a variety of food! There were hot and cold cereals, rolls, jam, cold cuts, eggs, sausages, bacon, yogurt, teas, coffee, fruit, cheeses, and more. Each table seated 4, so early on, Gayle and I decided we should try to sit with different people at each meal so we could get to know better more people. We found this to be so much fun.
At 10:00 we boarded our double-decker bus to tour the city.

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