Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Early this morning, I met Peder, Sarah and Aurelia at a location near the Interstate and rode with them to Austin for the annual parade and ceremony at the cemetery. It was a gorgeous day! The sky was blue. The flowering trees in Austin were beautiful.

This year there was a very good turnout at the flag-raising near the court house, the parade, and also at the memorial dedications for the veterans at the cemetery. We saw some old friends and neighbors - - always fun. During the parade, little Aurelia waved the little American flag that her Great-Aunt Janet had given to her. She was so cute!

Following the ceremony at the cemetery, a young girl (about 9 year old) and her mother came up to my brother and a friend of ours. Both Jerry and Merlyn were wearing caps - Jerry's was a Navy cap from the Naval hospital where he worked while stationed in Japan, and Meryln's was a Marine cap. Her mother said, "My daughter noticed your caps and wondered if you are veterans." Upon hearing their positive response, she handed each of them a home-made note, white paper folded in half, with a patriotic sticker on the front. It's message inside read:

Dear Veteran,

Thank you for serving the Americans. I appreciate the freedoms you gave to the American people. Freedom from being slaves, and to decide what I want to do . . . like be a mom and a veterinarian when I grow up. I can worship in my own way.

Thank you,
I asked her if she had an extra one that I could mail to my son, Hans, who is currently serving in Germany. She lovingly gave me one. It will go in the mail tomorrow.

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