Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Salutations from Stuttgart

The mission trip for me was over this morning when I left the others in the Munich airport and headed down the G concourse for my flight to Stuttgart as they made their way down the H concourse for their return to the USA. We had the time of our lives and have thousands of photos and videos, plus stories, to prove it. I'm thankful I took the time each day to write in my journal, as so much happened that was meaningful and inspirational, that I want don't want to forget it. I plan to make an entry for each day of the mission trip in a week or so, but right now I want to enjoy being with my family in Germany for the next six days.

My flight from Munich was only 37 minutes of actual time in the air - not bad, right? Rachel, Josiah and Annika were outside the window of the baggage pickup as I walked from the plane. (My luggage made it on every single flight! I am very thankful.) I got big hugs from them when I came through the exit door. Guess what? Both Josiah and Annika called me "Grandma." This is the first time I have heard Annika say it. They both talk so cute.

The kids are adorable! They showed me their rooms and some of their toys. We went to the park and played together. Rachel made two delicious home-made meals. What a treat to eat food that I really like (the food on the mission trip was fine, but this was better.)!

Tomorrow Hans gets home from a business trip. I'm looking forward to seeing him also.

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I Love Barbershop said...

I am very glad that everything went so good for you. I know you will enjoy your time with Hans, Rachel, Josiah and Annika.

We will all look forward to your daily journal next week.