Monday, May 19, 2008

Safely Back Home

I've had a wonderful time over the past 16 days, but I'm happy to say I am safely back home. My three flights today were uneventful - the best kind. The flight from Munich to Chicago was 9.5 hours long, so I was happy to have that one crossed off. Immigration and Customs in Chicago went well, too.

I have great memories and hope to write entries about the mission trip to Ukraine and Austria soon. I'll be able to post pictures, too.

Yesterday I was able to watch the Wooddale Church 9 AM service streaming online from Stuttgart (4 PM German time). It was good to see my friends again and to hear them sing. If you care to watch it yourself, log onto, register (simply supply your name and email address), and click the window indicating watching the service. You must do this at 9 AM Central Daylight Savings Time - adjusting it to where you live. One must have high-speed Internet service to make the connection.

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