Saturday, May 31, 2008

Will It Last?

This morning I was finally able to turn off the furnace! I think I have had it turned on since last October, or at least last November. We've had some nice weather during the days (so far we've hit 70 degrees 4 times in 2008), but during the night it has been getting down to the low 40's. Now I know, there are some in my family that aren't affected by the chilly nights. They even have their windows open during the frigid, cold winters. But I have a very small comfort zone - something like anywhere between 65 and 75 degrees. When the temperature falls into that range, I consider it a "Donna" day.

This morning, I took my break out on my patio. The sun was shining on my newly planted pots of geraniums, calla lilies, and impatiens. I treated myself to some fresh orange juice and several Oreo cookies (yum). Robins were flitting around, and I could hear Peppi singing from his newly cleaned cage. He seemed to be so happy to have me home. It's been a beautiful morning.

I just checked the temperature. It's 75 degrees right now. I think I'll fix my lunch and eat outside today. Thank You, Lord.

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