Sunday, December 30, 2007

The end of the year is just around the corner. . .

December was a busy month with lots of parties and programs. I was kept really busy, but looking back, I enjoyed all of it. I got to celebrate with family, friends, and co-workers. I've managed to put on some extra weight (that was not intentional, but the sweets have been - - and still are - - so hard to resist). I already know what one of my New Year's resolutions has to be!

It was so nice to have Heidi and Chad, plus Brian, here from Seattle. It was a lot of driving for them, and Heidi used two weeks of her vacation time, but I think they thought it was worth it. They returned safely on Friday. You can read about Heidi on her blog.

I've had some international phone conversations with Hans and Rachel. In fact, Hans and I talked this morning before I left for church. The kids are fine, and they finally have an Internet connection in their apartment. Rachel has updated her blog today with lots of darling photos of my beautiful grand children. I really missed her new posts.

Peder has posted new photos on his blog today as well. I sure enjoyed having them over for Christmas. Little Aurelia is so sweet. Hopefully I'll get to see her again soon.

I have to work tomorrow and then I'm invited to a New Year's Eve party. Except for church "night watch" services, I've never been to a party on New Year's eve. It sounds like fun!
I wish all of my readers a very Happy New Year!

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