Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Eve Party

I had a very nice at the New Year's eve party on Monday night. Mary and Jon have a beautiful home and their friends and neighbors were a great mix of people. We ate (Jon did the cooking and is a gourmet cook - the food was unusual and for the most part, delicious), visited, and played the game Taboo, which was new to me. We played the women vs. the men. I dreaded taking a turn, but I did okay.

Around 11:55, the men and children went outside into the cold air and shot off bottle rockets and a large box that contained gorgeous fireworks - the kind one sees on July 4th. I didn't know such a box existed. Apparently one lights the fuse on the box and it shoots them off one at a time. The women watched from the windows as it was really cold outside. I noticed some of their neighbors were also shooting off fireworks.

My friend Laurey and I had ridden together. Since she had to work on New Year's Day, we left around 12:30. The party was really lots of fun.

Happy New Year!

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