Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eeeek, a mouse!

It's very cold outside here again today: minus 4 degrees (actual); minus 19 wind-chill. I'm handling that okay, but my next bit of information is another matter. In fact, it gives me the creeps! As I was driving away from my garage this morning, a mouse appeared on the outside of my windshield, just above the windshield wiper. Yikes! That really gave me chills. It was an adult-sized critter, not a baby - - I'm not sure what difference that makes, just trying to keep to the facts. My drive to work is short - - only one mile, exactly. When I pulled into a parking spot at my office, I left my car running and got out, long-handled ice scraper in hand, and began poking around the windshield area, hoping to scare the monster away. But he was nowhere to be found. My guess is that he has an opening to the warm area under the hood and has taken up lodging there.

My imagination can get the better of me. I'm now trying to figure out what I will do if he ever gains entrance into the interior of my car and runs up my leg or arm while I'm driving. I guess I will have to call the VW dealership and make an appointment to have the area under my hood cleaned out and a "No Vacancy" sign installed!


MamaD4 said...

Now I'm doubly glad you never saw any of the 14 mice we trapped in Newport!

Hopefully said mouse is not chewing on anything under your hood.

I'm having a good chuckle thinking of you poking around with your scraper, trying to scare Buggy's friend away.

And now I'm laughing more, picturing the mouse hanging onto the windshield wiper for dear life while you swerved around trying to get rid of him (what an imagination, I know!)!

-Peder said...