Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to Tutoring

Tonight our One by One tutoring program resumed from the Christmas break. I was so happy to see Rosy again. She was all smiles and glad to see me too. We gave each other a big hug.

After her Bible workout sheet was completed, we worked on her math homework. She's working on tens and units. Example: 3 tens plus 4 = ? [Answer is 34.] She had a little trouble with this, wanting to add the two numbers like 3 + 4 = 7. So I approached it by holding up all 10 of my fingers - 3 times - while she counted off, "ten, twenty, thirty, plus 4 = 34." I can't remember back to my youth to recall what methods were used to teach me math, but this didn't ring a bell with me. Anyway, after finishing one of the math problems, she jokingly said, "That one almost killed me!"

When she was done with her math assignment, we turned to reading. She got out a little book from school and told me she wanted to read it to me. It was a story set in a Scandinavian country. The main character was named Garth. He had been out hunting when he observed a bunny in danger. He saved the life of the bunny, and immediately the bunny turned into an elf. The elf, in appreciation, granted Garth three wishes. Garth wasted his first wish by telling his wife he was hungry for a big sausage, rather than the soup she had made. Poof! There on his plate appeared a large sausage, so big it hung over the edges of the plate. His wife was disgusted that the first wish was wasted on such a modest wish. So she said something like this, "I wish you had thought this out better. I want to take back that wish." She said this while touching the end of her nose. Poof! The sausage flew from the plate and stuck to the end of her nose! Oh boy, now with only one wish left, Garth had to use the final wish by requesting the sausage be removed from his wife's nose.

All this time, Rosy was reading with animation. Obviously she had read the story before tonight. With each page turn, she would say something like, "Wait 'til you hear what happens next!" She is so cute!!

On the final page, the sausage fell back onto the plate. His wife cut the sausage into little pieces and added it to the pot of soup. It tasted very good.

Rosy is a delightful little girl and I look forward to seeing her every week. She may not need tutoring in her reading skills, but I'm positive she is getting a lot out of the Bible club that is part of the program.

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