Tuesday, January 22, 2008

7th Anniversary

Today marked my 7th anniversary at my current job. It hardly seems possible - - the time has really flown. Many things have happened in those 7 years - big things. All three of my kids have married. Two have given me grand-children; the third - a grand-dog. I've traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Seattle, Washington; Newport, Rhode Island; San Diego, California; and Yokosuka, Japan - oh, I almost forgot, and Minneapolis and St. Paul, to visit them. All of that has been so much fun.

Things at work changed too. After working there a year and a half, our owners announced they were going to sell us, or at least part of us. Now that was scary. Thankfully, it had a good outcome and we were purchased by a company that has treated us very well. I'm so glad, because I work at a really great place. The people are like family. I feel blessed.

So tonight after dinner I opened my mail. In one of the envelopes was a bill for my cell phone. You'll never guess what is printed on the top line. . .

"Hello! It's your anniversary! You have been our valued customer for 7 years. Thank you."

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Brian said...

Happy 7th Anniversary!